Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Our Life in Snapshots

Well  I have not fallen out of the cyberspace world! I have however enjoyed a break from some things to enjoy the last little bit of my summer break from the school office. While I have not made anything from my Pintrest boards or scrubbed the grout in the kitchen tile or even cleaned out that overcrowded hall closet, I have read a book by a favorite author and found some new recipes to cook and enjoyed time with my family. Thank you Lord for summer break!

So much has gone on since I last wrote from Texas and I thought the best thing to do might be to just tell what we have been up to through pictures. (You know I love them!)

While we were home in Texas we enjoyed an afternoon on the lake with Kasey and her family. Also making the trip was my oldest and dearest best friend (and some other classmates from way back in 1995). It was so much fun to spend some time with them and let the kids play and relax!


We made it back home in time for July 4. Kamdyn fixed Rocky and Johnny up in some patriotic attire and the family was able to enjoy our neighborhood fireworks show! It was fun to be with family in Texas but it was really good to get back home to Brian and the dogs. We enjoyed our holiday weekend along with local flooding because when I tell you it rained I mean it RAINED! I have recently been reminded of the feeling of the rainy season in Guam, which was sun, humidity, afternoon rain and more sun and humidity. It was as awesome as you are imagining!

Apparently this is the summer of goodbyes! This weekend Koby and the rest of our family said good bye to a family that we are great friends with. Koby and Haley have been friends since kindergarten, growing up in Sunday School, youth group events and countless days of school. Haley always added excitement to whatever Koby and the others were doing and there is no doubt we will miss her and her sweet family as they begin a new journey down on the coast.

I am back at work part time this week and in the middle of cheerleading practice for camp next week. Brendan is literally counting the hours until he arrives in Florida to visit Ellie. I am excited for him to see her and we are still adjusting to not having around here. Koby leaves for a church camp next week and that will be his final trip of the summer. Kamdyn is staying busy with soccer practice and cheer practice and as I type this she is taking an afternoon nap between the two events.

So that is what is going on around here! I hope things are going well wherever you are and I will be back to a more regular blogging routine starting today.

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