Friday, November 30, 2012

Short of Exciting...

Well, I am writing tonight from my comfy place on the couch with a brand new blanket from the Black Friday sales and some cute new house shoes  compliments of the Black Friday Eve sale! Let me say, what a week this has been!!!

We have played two basketball games and gone to church which might not sound like anything big to you, or exciting for that matter. But, I have looked forward to spending a relaxing and quiet Friday night home since I looked at my calendar last week! For me, boring = perfect right now.

The boys won both of their games this week. However, Kamdyn's team is not doing so well in the "W" column. I have tried to encourage her that this is a year where everyone is getting playing time and that translates to everyone gaining some experience which will make the team even that much better next year. That doesn't really resonate well with a competitive baby sister of two even more competitive older brothers! Basically, she wants to win and wants everyone else to want to win as badly as her. So we are working through this, trying to see the bright side to every game and hoping that just maybe a win is coming her way.

I mentioned we Kamdyn got a new dog. The adjustment period has been a bit trying to say the least. I forgot in the cuteness of the moment what it was like to have a puppy in need of training and attention. Our other dog is the perfect lap dog, content to lay around and just breathe air. Johnny seems to be much like his namesake - he likes to GO! The playfulness he brings to the table was appreciated at first but now we are starting to have dog-adoption-remorse. Was this really a good idea? Either way we are now almost one week into having this new family member and I am praying, literally, for patience and tolerance because I know Kamdyn loves the dog.

So between the dog and the basketball and the laundry that never seems to decrease, getting back into the routine this week has been anything short of exciting. Tomorrow my relaxation time is over because I will be pulling out the Christmas trees. Yes, I said trees! I like to have one per room and I love this time of year!! So I will be posting some pictures of all of this for sure.

This week was also exciting because all of you got to hear from Johnny Manziel in person! (If not, you can youtube the interview, look for it on ESPN or just ask Brian because he watched both days of interviews plus the highlights) We met Johnny a while back, and he really was a nice young man. I think that came through well in his interview! So as the nation begins to jump on the Johnny Football Train, I wanted to share just a few things with you here:

1) This video Brian found on Youtube that was too funny not to share -

2) This video Brian also found on Youtube that takes being a fan to another level -


3) And just in case you are have been living under a rock the past few months, here is a little video to introduce you to Johnny Football


(and this is only part 1!! plus if you really have time you can watch the whole ATM vs. Alabama game on youtube!)

Hope you're looking forward to the weekend and some rest as well!! I can't wait to post some pictures of our decorating, but I will miss being able to write about our Aggie football weekends.  

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Settling back in....

We made it home from our trip to Texas safe and sound! Brian is always so good to drive us when we travel and he never complains about it. I just ride and read and pass back snacks and junk food to the kids.

Our plan was to be back in time to watch the Aggies play their final regular season game. We rolled in town in time to do make a quick trip to the grocery store, if there is such as thing, and get home and grill up some hamburgers before the game started.

We also got back into town early enough to pick up a new addition to our family...

Rocky is not too sure about his new playmate, but Kamdyn is beyond excited!

I am still not quite sure how we this dog has found it's way into our home! It happened really fast. Monday while we were in Memphis, Kamdyn spent some time working at the Humane Society. She blew my phone up with pictures of this sweet little dog, which of course she wanted to adopt. God gave our daughter a deep love for His creatures, and this time she fell in love with this little mini collie.

Truth be told, it is a cutie! When we lost our beloved Rebel back in May I didn't think it would be a good idea to get another dog. But after seeing Kamdyn love and care for our new addition, I know we made the right decision.

The only controversy has been what to name the dog. He is almost 2 years old and the animal shelter said his name was Prince. That name was going to make it in this family!! So, what other name could we give a cute little boy dog right now than Johnny. Yes, after Johnny Football. So, we hope he settles into his new name and into our family. Rocky is still a little uncertain!

The worst part of a trip is the unpacking. It's more fun to pack because you are looking forward to the fun of a trip. It is not so much fun to unpack because you are tired and just the idea of putting up all that laundry is no fun! But, I finally got the last of it put away and feel like we are settled back in to start our school week tomorrow.

Two basketball games this week and church activities will keep us busy but I am looking forward to dragging out my Christmas trees and decorations towards the end of the week! Hope your week is a good one...

Friday, November 23, 2012

A Thankful Heart...

*I thought this posted on Thanksgiving Day. However, in my food and family overload I guess I didn't click to post. So, here it is a day late and to be honest I am past exhausted to post about my Black Friday fun! Come back to read that one...

Today is Thanksgiving! As a kid I remember this day was a day for lots of family and also food I didn't really like. Today, there is even more family and now food that I like way too much!

But the day is so much more than that...

Early this morning I had time to really think about what I was thankful for. God has blessed me in so many ways at so many levels and I recognize I am undeserving of it all.

I am thankful to live in a home with heat and air, a nice bed and more clothes than I can fit in to (in true confession I will tell you I do hope to be back into those size 8s just any day). I am thankful for the jobs Brian and I have and the way we are able to provide for our family. I am thankful for our church and the extended family we have there. I am thankful for the ministries we are involved in and the exposure our children have had to God and the way He works.

I am thankful for where I come from...and that's where I am writing from this morning. Dorothy once said, "there's no place like home" and there are many times I wished I could click some ruby red slippers and return home. Unfortunately, it doesn't work out quite that easy.

For me, home is East Texas. Those of you who know me can attest to the fact that I am proud of being a Texan, true down to my big hair and need for lipstick at all times. But, when I see this sign I truly am thankful...

I can't even count how many times I have passed this sign by on our way home, but I can tell you every time I feel a like all is right in the world when I cross that magical state line. This road leads me home, where I know the people and the easy way of life in a small town. I am thankful to have had this background and to come from this place, where neighbors help neighbors and friendships run deep.

I am also thankful for my family and their love and support as Brian and I navigate our way through life. There is nobody else I can spend hours talking to, laughing with and enjoying true Aggie fun like my family!

And can I say I love having the nieces and nephews!! It is kind of what I imagine grandparenting will be like, not that I am looking forward to that by any means. But, it is so fun to love on them and play with them and teach them funny yet inappropriate things (well, that's Brian) and then pass them back to their parents with a smile and no worries! So today I am also thankful that God saw fit to add to our family with all kinds of personalities and people, both big and little, and that I am in the teenage phase of parenting and not potty training!

We grew up in a home full of love for others and the Lord and I can never be thankful enough for that! I am who I am because of my home and it is where a piece of me will always be.

The chore of packing up our family and hitting the road has become less stressful over time. I was noting on our drive home this time that I was thankful for the entertainment opportunities our kids now have as we travel.

Basically, iPhones are much simpler to pack than the days of backpacks full of Star Wars figurines and Power Rangers and books to look at it and baskets of movies. Sleep and a good set of ear plugs are all my kids need to make the trip these days. Well, as long as I have remembered to pack all the chargers and such...

So, today as I wake up in this great country of freedom and opportunity I do have a truly thankful heart. I anticipate what this day means for me, a time to thank God for those who have come before me, for those who have poured their love into me and prayed for me and most of all for a Savior who made a way for me to live one breath at a time. I'm hoping you have a chance to thank Him today for all He has blessed you with- both big and small, ordinary and extraordinary, simple and difficult- and that you have a full and thankful heart.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Big Games and Big Places...

Monday our boys and girls traveled to Memphis to play basketball at the Fed Ex Forum before the Memphis Grizzlies game. This was a big game for our kids played in a very big place!!

Brendan and Koby were so excited about getting to play in this game!

Brian and I were so excited about eating good food on Beale Street! There were so many choices: BBQ, Fried Chicken and Veggies, Cajun and on and on. We chose to go back to a place we had visited before - Dyers! Good hamburgers, fries, onion rings, shakes and best of all fried Suzy Q.

This was one of the best burgers I have eaten in a restaurant. And the fries...there are no words for some good french fries! And since this is officially the week of good food and no counting calories, Brian and I each ordered our own fried Suzy Q.

So, there is my before and after picture! This was a such a good way to finish off a meal and if you are ever on Beale Street, stop by Dyers and know that you WILL be getting something good.

After Brian and I ate, we walked over to the Fed Ex Forum to find our seats for the games. (That's also why I felt a little less guilty about the meal! I knew we would be doing some walking) Like I said, the boys were so excited about getting to play on the Fed Ex floor and we got to sit court side to see their game! They came up with a win, which was a great end to their experience..

By the way, I also got ran off the floor for taking this picture but it was worth it!

Saturday, November 17, 2012

This is life...

I have not fallen off the face of the earth. However, I have been knee-deep in life this week.

Two times I have sat down to write out my blog only to stop and help Koby with major homework projects.

And why, for the love of all that is good, do teachers want to assign major projects in the same week as kids are getting out for Thanksgiving break? Oh, and also have three nights of basketball games? While I am under no false pretense that Koby possibly put these projects off until the very last minute, I still wondered if it was truly necessary to make an icosahedron (or whatever the element was) in a three dimensional ball of construction paper. Thankfully Brian took advantage of google so that we could assemble the element but let me say when a project takes student, mother, father AND google maybe the project is a bit much!

Brendan also tried to stay caught up on homework this week! The upcoming Thanksgiving break also meant tests for him.

He will also be studying for his first college semester exam over the Thanksgiving break. I am sure he is very excited!!

This was also a big week for Kamdyn! She finally got her bottom braces off. I may still be seeing dollar signs when I see her smile, but it is a beautiful smile to look at!

She was so excited to be getting them off before Thanksgiving! Her orthodontist truly did a great job and we are thankful for that.

I mentioned earlier that we had three nights of basketball this week. That certainly tends to slow down any time I might spend on the computer because well, we just aren't at home. I was so glad to see time run off the clock in the last game Friday night and know that this busy week had come to an end! I fully intended to spend my Saturday cleaning house, doing laundry and watching lots of good college football and for the most part that is exactly what I have done. I have come to understand the necessity of stopping and resting, instructions God gives us so that we don't wear out and wear down to the point where we are too weak to stand against Satan.

We all gathered around the TV today to cheer on our beloved Aggies in another win! The game might not have had the excitement of last week, but it is always good to come out with a win.

I have a few other stories to share with you all but for now I have to get back to my laundry pile. Hope all is well with each of you and that you are enjoying a restful and peaceful weekend in your life.

Sunday, November 11, 2012


For the past 24 hours myself and my family have been living in the glory that has come with a Fighting Texas Aggie win over Alabama. If you missed this game, you truly missed the game of a lifetime. I don't know that I have watched a game recently that was like the game I watched Saturday. While Kamdyn and I were watching at home, Brian and the boys were in in the middle of the action in Tuscaloosa.

Brian's cousin Brandon, or "Uncle Brandon" to our kids, came from Texas for the weekend just to go to the game. Brandon is an Aggie and he was in the Fighting Texas Aggie Band during his time at ATM. Brian and Brandon grew up together like brothers and had planned on going to this game since way back in August, before any of us could get our hopes up that our debut year in the SEC might be such a success!

After the big win over Mississippi State the boys started talking about wanting to go to the game and Brian started looking for more tickets. He was able to find two on Thursday and we were SO thankful!! There was never any doubt that the tickets would go to the boys and that this would be a trip for the guys! They left early Saturday morning and headed to Tuscaloosa, about an hour east of our home. If you would've been a fly on the wall in our home, or even a visitor passing through, you would've been well entertained as the boys looked for their "undefeated shirt" and lucky socks. They were taking no chances!

Kamdyn and I spent the day at our Mission project and then had some pregame lunch and purchased our items for Operation Christmas Child boxes. We made home for the game just in time!!

And, what a game! I hated to move off the couch because I didn't want to cause the team any bad luck. (Did I mention we tend to be superstitious?) Where I was sitting we were playing well and if I moved from my spot on the couch or even left the room to take a bathroom break I just knew the momentum might change. I was NOT going to be the reason things went bad!!!

 My phone literally was blowing up with all the texts and questions and comments. I hated to celebrate early because my Aggies have been known to give the game away in the second half.  I knew it was over when that penalty happened with 40 seconds to go in the game and we got an automatic first down. My whole neighborhood had to know at that point the game was over because I was hollering and screaming and carrying on like, well, like we just BTHO Alabama!!

Here are my highlight pics...

Our band leading the crowd after the game, Coach Sumlin as the clock hit 0, Johnny Football being named player of the game and then this Alabama fan who just 4 hours prior to this picture already had his team winning the National Championship! Basically, I stood in front of my TV and just snapped away with my Iphone camera. I have no idea why I did this except I wasn't actually at the game and this made me kind of feel like I was. Then, I did more hollering and yelling and celebrating!

And just in case seeing these pictures is not enough to convince you of how great the game was, I even have a video you can watch but I will warn you watching this may make you want to be an Aggie too:


The boys made it home safe and sound and I couldn't wait to hear the stories they brought home with them. I think that is why I wanted them to get to go because being at this game was a once in a lifetime experience. It is something they will always remember and something they got to experience together and for that I am thankful. Some things in life are truly priceless!

Even my nieces got in on the Aggie win! Prior to the game Kasey sent us the picture of Livvy in her jersey and after the game Kelly sent me a picture of Gracie saying she was worn out by all the excitement down in College Station...

I really could just go on and on about our Aggie weekend. Kamdyn and I celebrated with Taco Bell and dessert at Chick-fil-A after the win! We watched the team returning to campus and it was an awesome thing to see all the Ags in College Station come out and support the kids that way! I could tell you how so may people told us we would never make it in the SEC and how everybody told us Alabama was unbeatable!! But again, a win like this is just priceless, especially for those who have endured seasons that have been less exciting or successful. To be a true fan means you are there in the lows and in the highs and that is who we are! And really ya'll let's be honest- no Aggie had any doubt when we were coming into Alabama with this:

Like I said, PRICELESS!!!!!

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Because there is change...

Well the polls are closed and the votes are in. Moving forward is on everyone's mind as we wonder what another four years will look like. It is kind of hard to think ahead to what can change in four years, be it political or anything else.

Koby reminded me last night that he would be voting in the next election. This is a scary thought, but last night he sat and watched the returns for over three hours all the while asking questions and giving his input to what was being said. I hated to see him disappointed at the way things worked out but it did give us an opportunity to talk about why it is important to vote based on your convictions and not because of what a person looks like or has.

No matter which way your vote was cast one thing is clear...there is change coming! As I thought through some of the op-ed pieces I have read in various news outlets I was reminded of one thing - the values and beliefs that I hold on to may no longer be the same as the majority of Americans. The right to life, the right to bear arms, stong defense of this country, marriage defined in the traditional way and the independence that comes through hard work at a job are key issues to me. I am concerned for my children and their children in this new America of the future so I'll continue to pray but more importantly I will continue to trust God as He leads and protects our future.

As I have mentioned, in our home we have changed sports seasons. Today was picture day for our basketball teams so while I was down in the gym herding athletes through the picture lines I snapped this picture...

Kamdyn was more excited to take this picture than the boys, as you can tell.  Again, I am most certain my children love the fact that I am right there at school with them! The boys have a home game tomorrow night and we are all on the road Friday night.

Basketball season is my very favorite and I am looking forward to it this year! I believe God gave me a love for the game as opposed to talent for the game and really I am ok with that. I came to terms with it a long time ago!! All three of our kids are competitors though and without bragging I have to say they do have more talent than I ever could've hoped for. I'll be keeping you posted on the season as it develops.

Finally, I can't post without saying that all the talk around here is about the upcoming game this weekend between our Texas ATM Aggies and Alabama. Tuscaloosa is less than an hour from our home and there are plenty of Roll Tide fans around here, all of which think this game is done and in the books. I hate that we can't be in College Station tomorrow night for the Yell Practice that will be going on!! I am hoping it gets the team fired up before heading over this way!

I am on the lookout for any good soup recipes because this change in weather has me wanting warm foods! If you have a good soup recipe, let me know. I'd love to test it out and share it with others on the blog. I've been looking over on Pintrest but in all honesty my time spent on Pintrest makes me feel a little bit like an underachiever. It's fun to look at it and if you saw my cyberspace folders on Pintrest you would expect that my home is organized and decorated and my family eats great food. That is not so much true but hey, change is coming...

Monday, November 5, 2012

Two Powerful Words....

It is so hard to believe that the calendar says November! In our town the trees have turned all kinds of beautiful colors and fall seems to be here to stay. Along with the cooler weather November is also bringing a national election for our new president.

Don't worry... I am not about to get into my long list of reasons for why I think Mitt Romney should be our next president! To be sure, he is the candidate I have voted for and I am also very optimistic about his running mate and the future I believe they can offer our country. But I really want to remind each of you of two of the most powerful words our country has been hearing regularly since the spring: "Go Vote!".

The freedom to go vote is what this nation was founded on. It is a responsibility given to each of us by those who have stood in the line of battle beginning with the American Revolution. It was handed to us from men and women who paid an ultimate price throughout history.

In America, we are free to choose. Some Americans will choose to vote, some will stay home. Some Americans will vote on a strict party line, and some will vote on issues they feel passionate about. But in the end, the biggest blessing is that we can choose. When you go vote, it is more than your opinion. It is taking advantage of the very thing that makes our country special and set apart. When you go vote, you are celebrating freedom!

I have had the awesome privilege to be in the U.S. Capitol building, to walk through it's historic halls where officials have made decisions for our country for over 200 years. I have seen the veterans in wheel chairs at the World War II Memorial in Washington, DC and looked out over the white grave markers in Arlington National Cemetery. I have heard Airmen pledge their faith and allegiance to serve and protect this country from enemies both foreign and domestic. In each situation, without fail I am reminded that God's blessing was on our country from the beginning.

There is no politician that can lead America out of the mess we are in because it will have to start in homes across this country. It will have to start with Christians who quit living a life mixed with the pleasures of this world and start living a life according to God's Word. True change will come when Christians stop judging sinners and start loving others according to God's love. Our rescue will not be through a new set of government leaders but through the outstretched hands of the Savior.

Go vote tomorrow!! It's your responsibility to our country and it also will show your appreciation for those who have paid for that opportunity with their life and with their time. But when you cast your ballot, say a prayer for those who will lead us and take a minute to pray for your fellow Americans. There is no doubt that the winds of change are needed in our country, but not just a change in Washington DC or in your state. We need a change in our churches and in our families to turn this country around. GO VOTE!!!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

And that's another win...

Basically we have just had such an abundance of Aggie memories this past weekend that I don't even know how I will put them all into words here for you. We literally had so much Texas ATM fun this weekend that I think I filled up the camera roll on my iPhone. Maybe I am overstating things just a little but you get the point!

Our team rolled into town Friday evening and thanks to social media, the boys knew they had arrived. When a team plays against Mississippi State that team stays in our town, about 20+ miles from campus. So, we got all dressed up in our maroon and headed to the hotel. Brian was a bit hesitant at first about just hanging out in the hotel lobby and I guess it may seem a little stalkerish but the boys were all about it!! You know, it was a little awkward at first because clearly we were not a part of the group traveling with the team, but when the boys had no problems getting this pic, I decided we were in it for the long haul until we met the whole team (or close to it)...

If you don't know who the short man is with the bow tie, that is the President of Texas ATM University. And in case you were wondering, Koby had no problem walking up to the man and asking for a picture. Basically, Koby had no problem walking up to any player and asking for an autograph or picture!! Brendan would sometimes wait back just to be certain but not Koby, which pretty much speaks of the way they each approach life.

The boys got to meet lots of players and some of the coaches. I have to take a second and brag about the true character of our players. These young men would stop whatever they were doing to speak to our boys, sign an autograph and take a picture. They were sincere and gracious and as a mama I appreciate that!

One guy they were really excited to meet was Johnny "Football" Manziel!

Maybe you might have heard of him.... Well, we are huge fans of #2 and the effort he gives on the football field! He certainly led us through to another victory, but I am getting a little bit ahead of myself.

I could post lots of other pictures of our boys with football players and you could get to know the whole team like us but I don't want you to give up on the post so I'll move on...

We went to dinner at one of our favorite places in town to celebrate Brian's promotion and also because I hadn't really cooked all week so I thought why start on Friday night? It was kind of strange to see the people of our town stare at us in our Aggie shirts. Those who know us thought it was funny and those who didn't thought we had driven a long ways to just eat some poboys and blackened fish. We did bump into some other Aggies at dinner and I was glad to see more of our people had made it to town!

Again we had an early wake up for a Saturday morning! The kids took this one pretty well because they were excited about the game and tailgating with friends. Plus this time we only had to drive about 25 minutes to get to the game!! As we began the long walk to the stadium, we got to see the team pass by and gave them a big Gig'em!

 After stopping by a tailgate or two we saw an Aggie tailgate tent set up and decided to make our way over to it. Apparently, we had great timing because just as we were walking up to the tent our Yell Leaders had stopped to take a picture. A nice Aggie man who we did not know told Brian the Yell Leaders would take a picture with our family if we wanted and Brian said ABSOLUTELY!!! So here we are all gathered up with the Yell Leaders...

I should also mention that Brendan's girlfriend went to the game with us. I am not too sure that she knew what kind of day she was in for, but she was a very good sport about all of it! She had her maroon on and also did a great job of giving the thumbs up. After our photo op with the Yell Leaders we wound up on the front row of an impromptu yell practice and Ellie was even a good sport about that too, especially considering she knew none of the signals and calls.

Then it was time to make our way to the stadium and to our seats! I was excited about getting into the stadium and checking out the black uniforms.  Kam and I sent out one last Gig'em before the game...

And then our Aggies hit the field and took care of business in a big way!! Thankfully they shut those cow bells up because that was probably one of the most annoying traditions I have come across. Kissing your date every time your team scores? Not too annoying. Sounding a cannon every time your team scores? Not too annoying. Ringing a cow bell every first down? Well, that's a bad example because there wasn't alot of that. But you get the point!

Once the game was officially over the team came over to Saw 'Em Off with the fans...

... and that is how the snow melted in Starkville, MS.
After the game we stayed around to see the team and celebrate the win with other fans. Kamdyn even got her chance to meet the President of ATM...
So, like I said it was one big Fighting Texas Aggie ATM weekend. When we finally got home, I was literally exhausted. I may be willing to admit going to the game was a bit much after the pneumonia but in all honesty I wouldn't have missed it! And I'm very thankful for another win...

Friday, November 2, 2012

Blessings Pouring Down...

I mentioned earlier that this would be a big week for our family! While I have been slowed down a little by 2 doctor visits and a pneumonia diagnosis, things for our family have continued to move on. Thankfully I have been able to be at each big moment, but I will also admit I have spent quite a bit of time in my comfy chair getting caught up on my dvr Nashville episodes! By the way, I love this show!!

And here is what has been happening in our little world this week:

Yes, basketball is here! This is our kids favorite sport to play and Kamdyn was so happy to get back into it after all the trouble with her knee. They played in a preseason tournament Monday and Tuesday and while their teams have some work to do, I believe we will have an interesting and productive season. The kids' talent for the game doesn't so much come from me but I do enjoy watching them play! I may be a tad partial but I think they all three have skill and determination to play and my prayer is that they will remain thankful for the talent the Lord has given them and that they will always remember to give Him the honor and the glory.

We  have also celebrated Brendan's induction into the National Honor Society! While he was not as excited about this as I was, he did enjoy the breakfast they had following the induction and the free day out of school.

As I watched him sign his name in the NHS Registry then light his candle and repeat the pledge I had a quick flashback to when I did the exact same thing. I was probably a little more excited about it than Brendan and as the memory kind of came and went for me I said a little prayer that God would continue to lead Brendan academically to accomplish His goals and purposes.

Finally, this was perhaps the biggest thing happening in our home this week.... After 19 1/2 years in the U.S. Air Force Brian was promoted to Senior Msgt. (AKA E-8). This was a major milestone for Brian and a blessing that we most certainly did not anticipate. When Brian entered the Air Force at 19 I didn't know him yet. After we met and started dating I realized what it truly meant to work in Labor and Delivery and once we got married I realized what it truly meant to put on that uniform daily and go and do whatever the Air Force says is needed.

When we were stationed at Barksdale AFB in Shreveport we grew our family. When God saw fit to use the Air Force as a way to make me grow up, we moved to Anderson AFB in Guam (which by the way is a SMALL island on the other side of the world, literally!). In our two years in Guam we grew our marriage and I learned what it meant to truly leave your family behind and cling to your spouse. In 2002 the Air Force sent us to Columbus AFB here in Mississippi, our number 8 choice on a list of 8 possible places we wanted to be. While we didn't put as much prayer into that list of 8 as we should have, I firmly believe it was God's intention to bring us to this place where we have grown our faith.

Brian has moved up the ranks, going through deployments, special duty assignments, countless dinners and classes winning awards and distinctions all along the way. He has led men in war and in the classroom. He has always put our family before his job even up to taking this stripe. He is an Airman's Airman. He fights for those young kids trying to make their way in life through the Air Force teaching them discipline and hard work. As we come across them in the commissary or at other base events I see the way the young airmen look at him with respect and appreciation. I can't tell you how proud and thankful I am for the choice he made at 19 to be a part of this nation's greatest force. Here is the video of his actual promotion but remember I am new to all this using of the technology so I am not sure how good the quality is:


 So, that pretty much summarizes how our week has been. Rocky and I are still snuggled up in my comfy chair. I'm trying to rest up so I can go over to Starkville tomorrow and see my Aggies BTHO Mississippi State!!! We are so excited about seeing another Aggie game and at this one we will be with some of our best friends from this area. Starkville is only about 30 minutes from our house so we are friends with many MSU alumni. This promises to be a great game and we will be doing our best to cheer the Ags on. Look for us on TV, we will be the ones in the maroon!!!!! Gig'em Ags....