Monday, September 30, 2013

Because it's fall y'all..

Tonight I am catching up on pretty much anything that I didn't get done this weekend. Maybe you can relate! I mean, how does the work week creep by and Saturday and Sunday are just BAM and over? I think it's why I can't stand to sleep in on Saturday mornings, unless you count this past Saturday when I did in fact roll back over after seeing 7:00 a.m. on my clock because we rolled in from our game only five hours earlier!

But Brian and I didn't have big plans for Saturday other than the usual laundry, grocery shopping and cooking that usually comes with a "lazy day" at home. We were eager to watch some college football and I was anxious to eat something cooked in my own kitchen. This time of year it seems I don't cook as much as I would like so I always look forward to a weekend at home where I can do just that.

The weather here has turned cooler and I have been so thankful! We had steak Saturday night for our pregame meal (the Aggies played Arkansas) and then I made a big batch of Taco Soup Sunday afternoon for us to enjoy.

Our boys won a big game Friday night over in the delta and Koby was so excited! This game should make them eligible for the playoffs and that was one of their goals going into the season. Here are two pictures from the game....

Koby and one of his good friends usually lead the team on to the field...

...And here I don't really understand what it is that Koby is doing, but whatever it is he is doing it well I guess! He scored both two point conversions for the team and sometimes when I see him out on the field I remember a shirt he used to wear as a little boy - "Small but Mighty". It would seem that mantra stuck with him.

I love all that fall is bringing to the table this year - favorite comfort foods, football and fall festivities such as homecoming! Now, I know I grew up pre-social media and Pintrest, back in the dark ages of passing notes in class or making a phone call where your parents might answer and figure out who had an interest in you. But can I assure you times have changed!

Tonight Brendan came in with a Walmart sack asking Koby to come outside in the dark and help him do something. Now, this caught my interest for a number of different reasons, the top of which was our boys doing something together in the dark that involved kindness in their speech and a willingness to help one another out. It was a proud moment for this mother! And then I stepped outside to the drive way...

....where we found Brendan and no less than 250 candles! Be still my Pintrest heart!!! Apparently he decided to ask Ellie to the Homecoming dance this Friday and well, why use words on paper or over the phone? I mean we have come a really long way people!!

So fall has arrived y'all! Kamdyn and I have both pulled out our boots, I am on the lookout for that perfect pot of mums and I'll be digging out the fall wreath later this week. Each times the season change I am reminded there is a season for every part of life...and right now I am thankful for this season of raising teenagers, spending more time with Brian and slowing down our pace.

{If you have a chance, click over to www.boomama.net and read a post she wrote about another way things have changed over the years. It is sure to provide you with a laugh!}

Fall also brings new episodes on TV and I was thrilled Nashville was back! Since I can't see any episodes of Downton Abby until January, I was in need of some mindless entertainment and I really do love the country music in this show! Brian and I are also tuning in to the new show Blacklist (or something like that). You know I love a FBI thriller show and will be a fan in a minute if it even remotely makes me think of Alias or 24.

I'm hoping to post pictures this week from all of the homecoming festivities at school so I'll be checking back in soon unless I get sidetracked with my TV shows.

I hope the cooler weather has made its way to you ...

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Walking the Walk

It is hard to believe we are already through half the week and here in our corner of the world fall has pretty much arrived. We are enjoying cooler mornings and I have been thankful for less humidity! Kamdyn started therapy on her knee this week and we are hopeful that after three weeks of this she will be ready to go again. What did we ever do before therapy?!

Koby has a big game across the state this week, literally! We live 9 miles from the state border with Alabama and this Friday night we will go across the state and play 3 miles from Arkansas. Sounds exciting right? Thankfully Mississippi is NOT the size of Texas! It is an important district game so we are hopeful for a win.

Brendan has been completing his college and ROTC applications. I think it is safe to say the clock is ticking towards him leaving home and I am trying to be OK with it. I have began a list of things he needs to know, starting with how to turn on the washing machine and I have no idea what it might end with.

I wanted to catch you up on two events that our kids have participated in through FCA over the last week. Our boys and even Kamdyn have always loved being a part of FCA. They have attended camps and meetings and fundraisers since they were in 7th grade. Last Thursday, our 11th and 12th grade FCA members were asked to carry a cross 6 miles through our county and both Brendan and Koby signed up for the task. I went along as the school representative, thinking I would follow behind and maybe take a picture or two or ten. So, we left the court house at 6:40 AM heading up a main high way in town with three kids taking turns carrying a 12 pound cross...

Brendan's group moved at more of a running pace than a walking pace. I was a little unprepared for running 6 miles. It was one thing to walk with the kids but to run at the pace they wanted to move was more than I had bargained for!

This is Koby's group taking their second turn on the walk.
And this is where I finally gave up!
The kids all ran the last mile together, after we had already done  a large hill towards the end. It was at this point I just was honest with myself - I'm knocking on the door of 37 which means there is just no way I can do what these kids can do since I really am not a runner (nor am I in shape but let's save that for another post)!
At one point I helped two of the girls carry the cross, which was making it's way through our county and through our state. As I was walking with them I really had a chance to think about what it truly represented! It was just one of those moments I won't forget and I pray that the kids who participated won't forget it any time soon either. I don't know if they did it to get out of school or to just have a good time, but I can't help but think the power of the cross is etched a little closer on their hearts.
Today was "See Ya at the Pole" day and our FCA sponsored that as well.
I clearly remember playing a keyboard with our youth band in front of the flag pole at our school many years ago not knowing that one day my own children would have a similar experience. Today I watched our boys lead prayer groups, read scripture and even close out the morning in prayer. I don't share this to be prideful but to rejoice that God is fulfilling in them the things I pray in earnest about. I pray He is real to them, that His Word is constant in their lives and that above all they honor Him. This today was outside their comfort zone, but this is also what strengthens their walk. At any moment, Satan will tempt them and try them and sometimes they will fall. In the end, I pray the faith they claim will be a faith they lead their own families with and today I think I saw a glimpse of the godly men they will be.
Walking the walk is never easy and I have been committed to Hebrews 12:1,2 here lately. We can only walk by keeping our focus on Him, not on the one wanting to tangle our feet in a web of sin and destruction.
So I hope you are having a great week this week as fall begins its approach. I've seen pumpkins for sale already and some beautiful mums are being put out at roadside stands. I for one am ready for soups, fireside smores and boots! I'll check back in soon...

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Because time doesn't stand still...

Some of you may be thinking I have gone into hiding after the loss the Aggies suffered against Alabama and to answer your question - no I haven't! However, after coming off a big weekend of wins we went through a weekend of loss and I needed time to recover. Or something like that anyway!

The truth is, we had a great time watching the Aggies battle it out with the elephants from Alabama. We just needed a little more time and I think we would've had them! But Koby's team had lost a big game the night before and two losses in less than 24 hours tends to put one down for the count! (Seems like there is something about pride coming before the fall)

Anyways, Brian and Brendan and Kamdyn had such a great time in College Station. If I had been there I would have had lots of pictures to share with you but since I wasn't this is all I have -

and there is nothing wrong with this picture but you all know I needed more!! I have decided two things - Kelly needs an iphone and I have got to teach my children the necessity of taking pictures!

Last week kept us busy and several times I thought about the need to sit down and type out a blog post but really that just sounds easier than it sometimes is. Our family seemed to be tied up most evenings and I left Thursday at 4:30 for the Lifeway's annual dot Mom conference with 11 others from our church! If I had blogged at all last week you would've known I was excited about this! We drove to Birmingham Thursday evening for some good food and shopping, two essentials on any trip where one or more women are gathered in a moving vehicle! Friday morning we made our way up to Chattanooga and began our time at the conference and oh what a blessing!

These are just a few snapshots of our weekend! Angela Thomas (top left) was an amazing speaker and if you ever have a chance to hear her or do a Bible study written by her PLEASE TAKE IT! She provided such a great challenge about the Kingdom's call for mothers and I have to say I appreciated her blunt words. Can I just tell you I am convinced that if more of us mothers would pick our heads up from the sand and take a stand for our children against the "busyness" that society seems to tell us is essential to our life well who knows what an impact we could make! So my kids will know I love the Lord, I love their father and I love them but I do not love the distractions Satan will use on our family to tear us apart.

Clearly I get a little excited about taking a stand! I will control my pressure now...

I just had the best time with some great friends from our church and we have already made plans for next year when Dot Mom will be in Nashville!! SIGN ME UP!

So I got in late Saturday night and I need to tell you that my house was clean!! Kamdyn and Brian had worked to clean up and straighten up and do laundry and I was very thankful! I am sure the boys did a little something to...the emphasis being on little! And this morning I got up and rode with Brendan to Birmingham to pick up Ellie. She hasn't been back to Columbus since they left in June and our family was SO happy to see her! We headed straight to eat Mexican food and tonight I even made her some cheese dip as friends came by our house to say hello. We snapped this picture outside tonight and I wanted to share it here with you...

Many times I have taken a picture hoping to make time stand still and this was one of them. I see it and realize time is slipping through my hands and there is nothing I can do to stop it. The boys and their girlfriends and Kamdyn looking more like a young lady than a little girl. This is God's plan, to grow them and then send them off, to be more for Him than I could ever have been myself. In them I see life and love and optimism and potential and I wonder if that is what God sees in me. If I want the world for our children how much more does God want for me?

Because time doesn't stand still I have put this picture right up front in my highlight reel of life - our children almost grown standing on the edge of all that is to come and I am reminded of this verse:

"For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations." Psalm 100:5

So, you have been caught up in a much shorter post than I imagined! I have a few more things to let you know about so hopefully this week I can make that happen. I am thankful for now for the cool fall weather and we even brought out the fire pit tonight complete with Smores! I hope things are well where you are...

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Getting the "W"...

We have had an eventful few days around our home but what else is new! I had every intention of blogging Saturday and also Sunday but by Monday I realized it was just not going to happen. How excited I am to complete my goal this evening! It is a good thing I am OK with procrastination.

First of all, the floors are all in!! Maybe you don't recognize the significance of this moment in my life but just know there was a big shout of hallelujah when the floor guy finally left Friday. Brian and I are still working our way through putting everything back in place while also trying to throw some things out so it is not a completely finished project but the end is well in sight. And at the least we are walking on a real floor with normal walk ways and not on concrete around furniture scattered here and there.

Friday night we played in a home game and one of the best parts of a home game is the pep rally. It was Koby's turn to speak and I wanted to share the clip with you here:

Yes, our son promises a "W" (aka WIN) to the entire student body and staff. Nothing says confidence like that! The boys did play a great game and it was one of those close games that keeps you in it until the very end. With 23 seconds left to go we scored a touchdown that put us ahead and we WON!

Koby's enthusiasm kick started the team as he caught a pass in the end zone to put the first points on the board. It was one of those moments where I wanted not to look but looked anyway and I am certain I held my breath until he came down with the ball and the official gave the touchdown signal. I think I shook the bleachers all around me as I jumped up and down!

I was able to get this picture of him in action:

I think he was excited about the touchdown catch but he was more excited about the team getting the "W" he had promised! It was a great team effort and it started our weekend off in an exciting way!

We eagerly anticipated watching the Aggies play Saturday and thanks to technology and Brian's ingenuity we got to see the entire game. As we gathered around in our Aggie shirts we cheered the team on the entire game while enjoying some much needed family time. We were thankful for yet another win for our family!

Finally, Kamdyn's soccer team went on the road yesterday as they begin to finish up their season.

(By the way, I am certain I have sat in more heat over the last few days than I have at anytime in my life! I am praying the Lord sees fit to send fall weather sooner rather than later!)

Back to the game though... I am excited to report her team came away with a win, the second one of a very long season!

#22 played the whole game in multiple positions and received two foul calls for pushing down girls on the other team. She also came off the field after the game and asked me this: "Did you see me boxing out those girls?" By the way, boxing out is what we have asked her to do on the basketball court and I am pretty sure it is also against soccer rules much like taking two hands and shoving someone down. I am inclined to think her aggressiveness can be linked to two older brothers! At any rate I did remind her to play by the rules even when frustrated or tired, both of which she was by the end of the game.

Her team celebrated the win and I was happy for them to enjoy it! There are four games left in the season so the end is in sight - not only for games but also for the stinky shin guards that tend to smell up our car after a game.

So I am hopeful the wins we have had over the last few days will continue on this weekend! For our family we have a big football game Friday night against a team we went into 8 overtimes with last year. My heart may not take a game like that this time around!

And in case you have been living under a rock, one of the biggest games in college football history is happening Saturday at 2:30 as Texas ATM takes on the Crimson Tide in College Station!

So practice this saying with me:
"BTHO Alabama"

And as always, go Johnny go!

I'll check in with you later this week!

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Unexpected Days...

Today I find myself in an unexpected situation which is proving to be a nice surprise so far! Our "floor guy" called on Tuesday to say he planned to be at our house today to put down the hardwood floors. Since Brian was not able to be off today, I am the lucky one to be at home and I have to say I am glad it fell to me!

At first I wondered what I would do all day because clearly I can't clean since I can't walk on the floors while they work! We have piled furniture in all kinds of places and I can't get to the dishwasher to unload dishes or the even at this point to the sink to wash a dish! There is some laundry but when is there not some laundry. So, here I sit blogging to you and enjoying just sitting!

So far this morning I have learned Kelly Rippa has a new hair cut, which by the way I am very envious of, and that there are many new shows coming this fall to NBC. I am planning to look through two cookbooks, which by the way seems so old fashioned since Pintrest is my recipe source right now. And, I will confess that most likely I will watch one if not two episodes of Downton Abby, which is the show I am currently addicted to.

But don't get too envious because this is how my morning started:

Today was the official kick off for FCA at school so Koby volunteered me to be at the school at 7:00 to cook pancakes! 
(In all honesty, this no longer surprises me.)
(Last week at the JV game I also learned I had been volunteered by Kamdyn to be the 9th grade homeroom mom and why not?) 
Anyways, we had 37 kids there this morning and I don't know how many pancakes that translated to but it seemed to be ALOT to me. The kids were so thankful and impressed with the wonderful "Light n Fluffy" pancakes!!
We have had some cooler weather here and less humidity, which is certainly a praise for me! However, Kamdyn's soccer team is still sweating it out in their games. Earlier this week we played in the delta and her team was able to find a great shade tree at halftime...
That would be our daughter sitting on top of the table with the bandanna around her head! We are hopeful she can last through the next 5 games. Her knee is giving her fits and the trainer has her on some stretches that we hope will improve her pain. If not, her soccer season may end a bit early so she can get some rehab and be ready to go for basketball.
I saw this on Instagram earlier this week and I knew I needed to share it here on the blog...
It made me laugh because isn't it the truth? I know it is at my house and I am not sure why our children think their dad can't answer questions. Here is a news flash: HE CAN!! He actually knows what I know, for the most part anyway. So to those of you who are struggling along just waiting on your precious little one to say "mama" please know they will say your name a million times more than daddy even if the say daddy first!
Well, I better wrap things up here! Hoda and Kathie Lee are on and multitasking has not always been my strongest trait. Plus it seems as though Hoda has accidentally given out her phone number on the show and since half of the country is calling her I may give it a try myself!
I hope your short week has felt shorter than mine! Why do we spend all week recovering from one day off anyway?
I'll be checking in over the weekend and until then here is hoping ESPN finds someone besides Johnny Manziel to talk about!