Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baby it's COLD outside...

I can not even tell you how cold it is! I know many of you probably are going through the same thing wherever you are but oh.my.goodness! It's like we had winter then about three days of spring then hello - winter times 100!

The kids played ball out of town Thursday night and on our way to the game the temperature fell 31 degrees and I was so glad I had kept my sweater handy! I am thankful we are not frozen on ice like many of you back home in Texas because I want no part of that. Snow = yes, Ice = no way!

When I got up to a gray, cold morning Saturday I plugged in my Christmas trees and sat with a hot cup of coffee and the fire and just enjoyed the peace that comes from doing that....

...and I just praised God for quiet and warmth and a home and peace. I don't know what it is about Christmas and the lights and being all snuggled in but I do know it is good medicine for my soul to just sit and enjoy it. I realize some of you don't have teenagers who sleep until 10 or 11 so this not be something you identify with but I can tell you the quiet and peacefulness is coming one day and you need to enjoy it!!!

Not only did we welcome in the cold at the end of this week but we also got to welcome a special visitor...


Our sweet Ellie came home for a surprise visit and I think it is safe to say everyone was happy to see her! She worked with one Brendan's friends to surprise him at his basketball game Thursday evening. She showed up just before halftime of the girls game and it really was sweet to see the surprise on his face!! This girls is one in a million and you just about needs those odds to fit into this family of ours!

Friday night Brian and I took the kids plus Ellie plus Koby's friend Anna out to eat. I caught myself looking around the table, watching the kids talk about this and that and I couldn't help but thank God for pouring out his blessings on us. I also had a brief moment of vanity, thinking "am I really old enough to sit here with almost grown boys and their dates and a daughter planning her Friday night out with friends?". Well age is only a number in this birthday month of mine and I am truly learning to count my blessings in this season of parenting.

Saturday we cooked our normal big breakfast, did some grocery shopping and then snuggled in for football and soup as the north wind kept things frigid outside. Today we had to take Ellie back to Birmingham and Brian did such a great job getting us through the yucky rain and fog. We were sad to see her head home, but thankful for her time here with us and the added excitement she brought to our weekend!

It looks like we will be bundling up all week as we go to basketball games and Christmas parties! We have 5 more whole days of school left this week and 4 half days next week so we are on the countdown for sure. I hope you are staying warm where you are and that you too are finding peace and joy in this season...

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