Wednesday, August 13, 2014

It's Back to School...

Here in Mississippi the calendar has turned to a new school year. The kids started back on Monday of this week and as usual, we have started full force!

Koby and Kamdyn were all smiles on their first morning. He is starting his senior year and she is starting her sophomore year.

For the first time in a very long time I only packed two lunches!! In my new motivation to be on time and organized, I made lunches the night before (minus the sandwiches). This lasted exactly one night! But it was a good idea...

Kamdyn has already had her first soccer game and plays again tomorrow. Koby plays in his first scrimmage this Friday! Clearly, we are back to normal and to be honest I find some comfort in that.

This new school year is bringing with it many changes and if you know me, you know change is not my favorite thing! However, one thing I a am very excited about is this...

... I am teaching 7th grade Bible this year. I have 21 students and we will spend the first semester learning about the book of Judges. So, I have brushed up on my biblical history, which means that Old Testament class I have taken has paid off!! I am really looking forward to it and so far, so good.

Last night the school celebrated Ram Pride Night, having games and food then introducing all of the fall sports teams. I didn't get to take that many pictures, which I am extremely upset about. However, I did get this one and couldn't resist sharing it here...

...Koby and Anna in the photo booth last night! I hate his jersey is covered up because he is proudly wearing #2 this year! (Gig'em)

So, off we go to a new year with an opportunity to make more memories!! We drop Brendan off at Alabama Friday and I will be posting all about it once I recover. Also, Brian retired Aug. 1 and I will be including pictures from it in an upcoming post.

Tonight, I am enjoying everyone under one roof for just two more nights, before things really change. Hope things are well where you are....

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  1. Hope y'all have a great year and that you find time to blog along the way!