Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Goings On and Happenings...

For some crazy reason, known only to me, I thought tonight was the night that I would be reunited with Duck Dynasty! I have planned my day around what I would be doing tonight at 9:00. It is now 8:36 and I have just realized the only Duck Dynasty on tonight will be reruns!!

I can't take it!

Here I had myself all prepared to sit back with family and enjoy not one but two new episodes of our favorite show and it is not to be. Now, I am forced to wait another week but I guess the anticipation will be worth it!

Well, I wanted to let you all know how our Valentine's went. Brian had flowers waiting for me the night before Valentine's, so he really did surprise me!

It is so hard to believe I have known Brian half of my life. I am not sure if that means we are getting old or not, but I do know I am so thankful for him and all he does for me and the kids!

Brendan wanted to send Ellie flowers for Valentine's. He is the most picky boy you will ever meet and he had high expectations of $20 worth of flowers! While he was disappointed in what that looked like, she was very thankful...

He saved $5 on the delivery fee and went picked them up himself. The funny thing was he also brought her back some lunch! I guess he thought that was a better way to spend the money. He left them both sitting on the counter in the office and she was so surprised by what he had done. It is no secret that Brendan is tight fisted with his money so that made her appreciate them all the more!

I've shared their funny pictures with you before, but on Valentine's this is what they sent me to say "Happy Valentine's Day!" -

I just can't help but laugh at them!! I saw a much more normal picture of them on Instagram that night, but this is who they really are.

Kamdyn is finishing her second week of physical therapy and we are starting to see a big change in her knee. I am SO thankful!! She can't wait to get her catcher gear on for softball season so I am hopeful that after two more weeks of therapy she will be good to go!

Koby is just Koby...cracking jokes and making us all laugh! He is the center of any group of people and is already trying to figure out how he is going to do everything he wants to do this summer. His weeks are filling up so if you want on his calendar you better get him to pencil you in. He can't wait for the mission trip and is already making plans for another youth leadership camp he wants to go to. Brian reminded him he might also think about a JOB to have some money for all of these things. If you know Koby you know that isn't even a blip on his radar!! We can't help but love the person God created him to be!

Well, that's all of the goings on and happenings around here. I can't believe this month is almost over!! Spring Break is getting closer and closer and so is Duck Dynasty!

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  1. Hope Koby has us penciled in on his calendar - no worries for him!