Saturday, May 25, 2013

It. Is. Summer!!!

It is officially summer for us! Kamdyn finished her last exam at 11:45 on Wednesday and I finished school at noon on Thursday so our family has officially started our summer break!!

Halleluiah!!! Praise the Lord!!

The kids are thankful to have school work behind them and are looking forward to summer trips and camps. Most of all, they are looking forward to sleeping in.

I have sat down to post several times over the last week but something or another always interfered. We have gone through graduation and I intended to post on that. We have also celebrated Koby's 16th birthday and I am still going to post about that. I was glued to the Oklahoma tornado and the stories out of Moore and I  intended to post about that. However, end of the year activities at school and church commitments along with some company in and out over the last few days has kept me busy.

As I mentioned, our baby boy turned 16 this past Wednesday!!!

I will never forget the night I went into labor with Koby. I had been to the doctor that day and he assured me I was nowhere close to labor and said he would see me the next week. Mother called for a report that afternoon and I passed the word on to her. I cooked a big dinner, Brian and I enjoyed playing with Brendan in the way that you can do when you only have one child and then we put him to bed and got into bed ourselves. I was uncomfortable, but what else was new! I got up around 10:30 feeling sick and weird. Since Brendan's birth was a planned event I was a little uncertain about "going into labor" plus this was two weeks before my due date. Finally, I had enough of the pains and got Brian up and convinced him I really needed to go get checked out. We got Brendan up and flew (literally) to the hospital where upon examination I was dilated to a 4 and moving along.
Hello labor!!!! And can I just say this goes to prove doctors really don't know when you may give birth.
I don't remember much about that night because the nurse gave me some wonderful medicine!! I know my mom and sisters spent a miserable night in the waiting room and Brian got Brendan back to sleep on a pull out sofa in my room. Koby finally arrived that afternoon, much to the celebration of all who were anxiously waiting!
Koby came into the world as a surprise and he has been that way ever since! He makes us laugh, keeps us entertained and I can't imagine our family without him. It is difficult to believe he is already 16 and I wish I could freeze time so that we always have him here at home. I am thankful that God gave him to Brian and I to raise and I am confident He is going to use Koby in a mighty way.
I felt like Koby would want a big party but he is waiting to celebrate with Papa at the beach. So, we took him out to eat for lunch and then had pizza for him and family and friends at home. Brian also got him a cookie cake and yes it says "Happy Birthday Kolby" but hey, it tasted good.  


We are enjoying beautiful weather so far this weekend and Brian made us some good hamburgers tonight. I've finally gotten caught up on Nashville (the season finale met the expectations I had built up in my mind) and I have downloaded a couple of books on my Kindle that were free so I am hoping to enjoy reading those in the next few days. It is good to have some down time, and I am living with the fact that I could be dusting, mopping and all sorts of other boring house chores but am instead savoring the start of summer.

I hope you are enjoying this weekend as summer waltzes in and sunshine abounds. I have several other things to write about so I'll be posting again soon. After all, IT IS SUMMER!!!!! (at least for us in Mississippi)


  1. So glad you found time to get a post up - been missing your blog.

  2. love that koby! glad yall are enjoying summertime...after friday i will be too :) see you in a few days!