Thursday, May 30, 2013

Food, Family and Summer...

We have managed to sink right into our old summer habits around here. At the top of that list is cooking on the grill! We cooked out Sunday and Monday and maybe even one other time this week.

We love to cook on the grill and try out new things! So, this past weekend we did exactly that. Brian made some of the best ribs I have ever eaten and I mean that with all sincerity!! He did an amazing job and we all hope that we can just remember what all we did the next time we decide to make them. Basically, our best times cooking are when we add a little of this, a little more of that and then cook/bake/grill at something close to the correct temp for the right amount of time.

I love vegetables on the grill. I know at this point both of my parents are laughing in amazement because I was THE PICKIEST eater as a kid. And for the record I am being paid back for that 100% with our own picky eater here. Anyways, I had seem some pintrests about chile lime butter for corn and a few other things. Since I never really thought one particular recipe sounded appealing, I decided to come up with my own. I took my ear of corn, sprinkled it with salt, pepper, a pepper blend, a tbsp. of water and one full sprig of cilantro. Then I squirted a strip of lime juice across the top of the corn before sealing it up. Can I just tell you that was THE BEST corn on the cob ever! But, if you don't like cilantro it might not be for you. I have even made it another time and cooked the exact same way but in the oven as opposed to the grill and it was just as good. You need to cook it either place for 20-25 minutes though.

We also grilled some cabbage but to be honest I just couldn't like it. It sounded good in theory, but I am OK with saying cabbage is not for me unless it is in slaw form on my fish/shrimp taco! As a total side note, cabbage always reminds me of my grandmother's house on Sunday afternoons. Ma loved cabbage and it would flat smell up the kitchen for Sunday lunch. I feel like if I don't like to eat it I at least have great memories from the smell of it which kind of compensates.

Tonight I made a Pintrest Dinner, by which I mean I made mostly only foods that I recently had pinned. I knew my family would be hesitant at best because although they like to complain/tease about the regular rotation of my cooking schedule sometimes trying something new is just too much for them! However, they all tried and even enjoyed the new foods tonight and I was thankful!

We had a Mexican food meal and one of the highlights was a Ranch Bean Dip. I know, it sounds exciting! All you do is mix one can of refried beans with one package of ranch dressing seasoning and one cup of sour cream and two cups of shredded cheese on the stove until it is heated, melted and blended. Then you just serve it up with some chips! Super, super easy but it is SO worth the try!

This week the boys have been busy working and Kamdyn has been helping at our Pee Wee basketball camp. All three of them are exhausted and counting down the days until we arrive at the beach! Koby recently tried to find himself the perfect beach hat...

He just couldn't make a decision and decided to opt for some sunglasses instead!

Find me on pintrest for some other recipe ideas! I trust the Lord is blessing you where you are this week.

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