Sunday, June 23, 2013

Enjoying our summer...

So we have settled in to our summer so far and I am happy to report that at last we are all home and under one roof! Koby made it in from Cincinnati yesterday evening, with lots of stories and dirty laundry. He seems to have enjoyed his trip yet again, although I can tell he seems to have connected a little deeper this time to the work involved with church planting and to the missionary there.

Kamdyn and I had an exciting Friday...

We have had big plans to spruce up her room for a while now. So, we found a great new comforter with just the colors she was hoping for and we set to work painting her dresser and a desk for her room. I have no idea why I thought painting Friday afternoon in the 100 degree heat and humidity was a good idea, but she and I did enjoy ourselves. My muscles did not so much enjoy themselves and I am still trying to recover from the squatting and the bending that comes with painting furniture! We were pleased with the results though and have since cleaned out and reorganized her closet and rearranged her room.

Brian recently saw a post on TexAgs  informing all Aggies that HEB (which is a grocery store that I have not heard of ever) in San Antonio was selling Whataburger ketchup!

This is like Brian's dream come true!!!

I feel like I need to tell you that Whataburger is an amazing hamburger place at home, by which I mean Texas, that also has breakfast 24/7. We love it and LOVE the ketchup!!!!! Maybe you can't relate but just indulge me as I tell you this story...

A good friend of ours has been in San Antonio for the last six weeks and was planning to stop at our house on his way home to West Virginia this past week. So, Brian sent our friend a text asking him to please bring us back a bottle of the ketchup and what a friend we have because he went to FOUR HEB stores before finding the ketchup in stock and then bought that last five bottles that the store had.

Hallelujah!!!!! I have no shame in telling you we quickly tore into one bottle and have planned meals for this week around the ketchup. It is hard to tell how long five bottles will last but hopefully until we can get to San Antonio to buy more!

In other exciting news, this Saturday a friend and I went to Starkville to meet Sophie Hudson, author of "A Little Salty to Cut the Sweet" and also known as BooMama on her blog.

I actually met Sophie last summer when I was with my girls at cheer camp in Birmingham so this wasn't my first time it was just my first official time. Plus, she signed my book so now I feel like we really know each other. Sophie even recalled our chance meeting last summer, saying she was just thinking about that event last week. I knew I made an impression!! Anyways, I am still making my way through the book but what I have read of it I have enjoyed and identified with. I hope you will pick up a copy of this very entertaining book and if nothing else stop by her blog. She is truly a treasure.

Not everything about this past week was as awesome and happy. Unfortunately we had to say good bye to someone that our family has become very attached to. On Thursday Ellie's family loaded up to leave Columbus for the sun and fun in Florida. The truth of the matter is this day has loomed in front of us for about 8 months now and I hated to see it arrive.

I have prayed for Brendan and Ellie since that time and I have begged the Lord to go before them in this time apart and give them peace and comfort that only He can provide. I think this will be a great life lesson for them both and pray that each of them will see only God is constant and only He can meet our daily needs. Their relationship has been a joy and Ellie has been a source of laughter and fun in our home for a long time. We will miss her and look forward to her being back with us very soon! I hope you will join me in praying for her as she adjusts to a new home and new school. I am confident the Lord is going to provide for her and Brendan both as they plan for their future.

So, this is what has been going on as we have been enjoying summer. I hope things are going well for you and yours!


  1. bet kam's room is so cute! that makes me laugh about the ketchup. will sure be praying for brendan and ellie. and can't wait to read the book!!

  2. Love the room - Kam sent pictures. Know Koby had a great time. Enjoy the ketchup! Sweet pictures of Brendan and Ellie.