Sunday, June 9, 2013

Family, the beach and a bug...

Our family has just returned  from a vacation to the beach with my extended family and that is why I have not posted in a while. Not that we were on vacation that long, just that the packing for vacation, enjoying vacation and then unpacking vacation tends to take some time!

First of all, I should tell you that I love the beach.

There is just something about the waves, the sun and a good book! I even enjoyed a good old fashioned paperback book while sitting in my comfy beach chair.

Sometimes I forget how the sand gets everywhere and how windy it can be and how entertaining it is to see  people at the beach in their beach "attire". But I will never forget what it was like when I first saw the beach in Guam. I can remember seeing the water and thinking how far away from home I was, how so not like Texas that place was. In Guam I learned to love outside and the water and  it became a part of our everyday life.

Anyways, when mother mentioned all of us, by which I mean 16 of us, going to the beach to celebrate their 40th anniversary and dad's 60th birthday well it didn't take much to sign me up!

I love my family and spending  a solid week with us all in one house was  something that I was very excited about. Lots of cousin time, sister time, food and fun in the sun!!

It didn't take the kids long to hit the  water, and  they played and  ate and played and ate in a way that only kids can do. Brian got used to life in a hammock and Koby was a close second! And if you know our family, you know we had plenty to eat!

Koby was most excited about the steaks we were going to have Monday night! Here he is with daddy seasoning up his steak  and Luke and Levi picked up on the instruction too. We had lots of good food to eat through the week and on the final night John cooked us up a really special treat. Fresh shrimp is one of my very favorite foods and these were amazing!

And we also had to try some of the local food! We ate at Lulu's one night, where the kids loved eating out by the water and we ate some good seafood and sweets...

...and we also ate at Lamberts where they throw you the dinner rolls. We really enjoyed ourselves at both places!  And a big thanks to Gran for making sure we got good food to eat through week!!!!

So it was fun to spend time with our family at the beach! We had an amazing house to stay in right on the water and plenty of room to spread out and enjoy each other. But before you get too jealous of our vacation know that we also experienced the ultimate vacation stopper - a stomach bug. I am always amazed to see how a bug can pass through a family, especially with kids. So, from day to day we kind of waited to see who would be next? Should you eat and enjoy the meal or just nibble in case tonight was your lucky night to hug the toilet?

But we would not let a stomach bug stop the "Stephens Beach Vacation 2013"!! No not one bit! I  look forward to another  week at the beach and I already miss the cooking and sitting on the beach and laughing that we all did. I am so thankful God placed me in the family He did. Truth be told, my parents deserve ALOT more than a week at the beach with all of us for their 40th anniversary! I understand that my sisters and I should be very thankful to have two parents who love each other, who have stuck it out for 40 years, who have loved and been there not only for us but for our families now. I pray that God continues to bless our family and strengthen the bond that we have. After all, a bug passes, the beach is a vacation but family is forever!


  1. What a great week it was - already missing everyone and the beach - thanks for all your help!

  2. When can we go again? Lol definitely miss it!

  3. With three sweet girls how could there not be fun! Glad y'all enjoyed it----start saving and maybe it can be an annual event.

  4. With three sweet girls how could there not be fun! Glad y'all enjoyed it----start saving and maybe it can be an annual event.

  5. glad you all had this time together.....these are special times that the cousins will always remember. Bj sure looks at home in that kitchen.....

  6. it was so great. sorry about that bug... hoping there is a next time soon...bug-free :) so loved our time together...thankful for our family.