Saturday, August 24, 2013

Let's Talk Numbers....

Hello - my name is Kristy and I write a blog, at least every now and then when life isn't throwing constant curve balls.

I am finally sitting down tonight to catch everyone up on life in the Bailey home and I think the best way to do that is to talk numbers with you! In the past THREE weeks, we have encountered FOUR water leaks in our home.

When you have this many water leaks, this is what your bathtub looks like! Deer antlers mixed with scarves and hunting clothes and Sunday dresses are all filling up our master bath tub. The leaks have kept us moving furniture around, pulling up carpet and throwing away the things you find when you are forced to clean in ways you might rather not!

In other exciting news, this week I drove over 500 miles to watch Kamdyn's soccer team play TWO games. Please let me share my view from the game on Monday:

There is nothing like watching a soccer game from BEHIND a chain link fence! While her soccer team continues to struggle to find their pace, Kamdyn has improved and it has been fun to see her hard work pay off on the field! I am always amazed at TWO things - how far she can kick the ball and how she seems to have her mother's speed.

Every day that I check the mail Brendan seems to get at least FIVE pieces of college mail. Earlier this week I snapped this picture and posted it on Instagram with #keepingthepostofficeopen because I am confident that what colleges are spending in sending him information and letters and scholarship opportunities is directly putting enough money in the post office to keep it open on Saturdays!

He is still undecided but leaning towards doing ROTC through the University of Alabama. We continue to encourage him to seek the Lord's guidance on this decision, partly because it would be hard to move our Aggie son into a crimson dorm. However, should the Lord lead him to Tuscaloosa there is no doubt we would support that decision and in the end I would secretly be thrilled because that's a short ONE hour drive for me.

Friday night was our first home football game! As far as the numbers go let me just say it was 90 degrees with a 110 humidity and I don't really think I am overstating that fact. Or I might be but it truly was hot and also not good for my hair! I'll be blogging about the start of football season in a separate post but I couldn't skip posting about the game and especially #25!

Koby is playing wide receiver this year and on special teams. I was able to snap this picture when he came by the sidelines to spray himself down with water because as I mentioned earlier IT WAS HOT!! Our team played a great game and in the end the numbers on the scoreboard said it all...

WE WON 46-8 and that is a great way to kick off a season!

I am not the only one who put up some driving miles this week! My parents were able to spend some time with us at the end of the week to see Kamdyn play soccer and cheer at the pep rally and Koby in his first football game.

Gran came through for the kids as always - bringing them snacks and some of their favorite drinks! It means so much that they would drive so far to spend just a little time being a part of our kids lives.

So, the numbers in our life are big and small as I fill you in on what has been going on around here and this week will be more of the same. Kamdyn has two soccer games, Koby plays on the road Friday night and Brendan starts his two college classes. We are planning for new flooring to be put down this week so that means we will literally turn things upside down around here!

I hope the heat is not keeping you down and that you are all adjusting to being back to school! Talk to you soon~


  1. good to see you blog again :) i know life has been crazy for y'all. praying for you daily. guess i will join you in heading back to school tomorrow...yipee! love ya!

  2. Great blog - loved our short visit and getting to see the kids in their activities - hope to see you again soon.