Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Picking up the Pieces...

Time has definitely marched on since my last post, some days quickly and some days not so much. Right before we left out for the retreat we had a water leak in our house that pretty much ruined our flooring in the hallway, master bedroom and master closet. While I went off to the retreat my dear, sweet husband dealt with the insurance company, home warranty folks and the plumber.

I hate I missed out!!

Since that day, our home has become pieces of what it was before the leak. Our floors have been ripped up, there are holes in the wall from where the plumber had work on the pipes and furniture and clothing have been moved everywhere! Let me clarify that I did't live in a spotless house pre-leak because thankfully God did not give me the OCD gene and I am not for one minute upset about that. I can live with a little mess here and there, especially with three teenagers at home and our house serving as the hangout for them and any friends. However, the chaos that we have lived in since that leak is starting to rattle my cage and picking up the pieces has become the new normal around here.

Not only have we had the initial leak but we have also had two more since then. Let's just say I have new appreciation for a plumber and the ability to just turn on hot water anytime I want! I will be posting pictures of our less than peaceful home later this week... you will not want to miss out on those!

We have also said goodbye to summer at our house!

These are just a few of the highlights of our summer! The kids were thrilled to visit the official Duck Dynasty headquarters (along with half of the southern U.S.) at the end of June as we made a quick trip home to visit before things got really crazy in July. Koby loved time spent fishing and Brendan learned to have a little fun on the boat with Kasey and John. Our family also had a great week of memories and fun with my extended family earlier in the summer at the beach. The time spent there with cousins and sisters was worth every penny...and the bonus stomach bug!

Koby has enjoyed his travels over the summer to the mission trip and Super Summer, Brendan has been to see Ellie twice now and Kamdyn has been to more camps and sleep overs than we could have imagined! I do believe I was somewhat thankful to see the start of school come just so our family could all fall back into a schedule and routine. Chaos abounds in our home (please see the above paragraphs on the water leak) but it is nice to have that chaos in a routine that is familiar.

So, here is the crew on their first day of school this year...

The top picture was taken on Kamdyn's first day of Kindergarten, making Koby in second grade and Brendan in third. This year she is a freshman, Koby is a junior and Brendan is a senior. Please pause while I dry my eyes with a BOX of Kleenex!!!!

Sometimes I look at one of them and see those childhood faces and that is when it hits me that God gave Brian and I such responsibility in raising them, loving them, growing them into disciples that will walk with Him. There are so many pieces to their lives that I can now see God putting together and it is amazing to watch Him work. I am looking forward to all that this school year will bring as Kamdyn kicks the soccer ball, Koby takes the football field and Brendan gets back into the gym to prepare for basketball season.

Last night everyone piled up the books to start on the first night of homework and Kamdyn posted this on her Instagram page...

That is a picture of her pile of homework, complete with emojis and hashtags (AKA the number sign) to convey her excitement. This was after she got home from cheer practice and soccer practice to which I said, "welcome back to school sweetheart!" and didn't say, "remember when I told you it was hard to EVERYTHING?!".

As life continues to march on at our house, some pieces fit better in the puzzle of life but some have began to fall away. I would ask you to pray for my family as we walk through one of life's valleys. We sang an old hymn way back when I was growing up that has become something I find myself clinging to now...

I need thee Oh I need thee
Every hour I need thee

I am learning that in order to pick up the pieces in the valley I need Him every hour and isn't it just like God to remind us He never leaves us, never forsakes us, and walks with us even through the valley?

I hope to do better at writing and I still have so much to share with you about the kids and school and good books and life. So until then I hope you see God meeting you where you are - be it on the mountain peak or in the valley - and that you will trust Him to pick up your pieces.


  1. where has time gone?? love seeing the pic of them from all those years ago. i often stop and think about the responsibility given to john and i in raising our three...praying for His wisdom each step of the way. love you sister!

  2. You continue to amaze me with your talent of writing - so hate in the midst of everything else, you've had to endure your plumbing issues. It's good to be reminded that God is also with us in the valley - looking forward to some mountain tops. You are in for a year I can't imagine with 3 highschoolers so hold on - May will be here fast - Love you!