Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Celebration Time....

For the last two days we have been on Fall Break! Two days out of school and off work is something worth celebrating for sure but when you add two late night football games to the mix it makes a day off even more enticing.

Friday night Koby's team played in West Memphis, Arkansas. This was a 200 mile trip one way and we got home about 1:00 after playing a game that was hard fought. Our team struggled to find their way and came home with a loss, but our family was already looking forward to another big game on Saturday.

After serving in our local mission outreach Brian and the boys and I headed out to Oxford for the game between Ole Miss and our beloved Aggies.

Koby and I took a picture before we left for the game in some of our new Aggie apparel!
Then at the Aggie tailgate we found these guys and had our "yearly" picture made with them!
The thing you can't tell by the picture is that there are tons of Aggies behind us at the tailgate! We had so much fun seeing all the game clothes that Aggies were sporting - everything from black felt hats and Wranglers to bow ties and maroon khakis. It certainly kept us entertained!
We headed over to make an official visit to "The Grove", which is the tailgating spot to be for Ole Miss. It is a truly beautiful setting and the tailgate tents were decorated to the 9s. I honestly was so impressed! However, it was also muddy, crowded and flowing with short dresses and alcohol so I was thankful when Brian offered for us to go on into the stadium.
We got to see a really great game and we were thrilled when the Aggies came up with the win. I have tons more pictures and stories I could share about our experience but I hate to bore those of you who aren't Aggies. I have to say this real quick - we did stay after the game to see the players and Oh. My. Word. They were some proud boys! We said our hello to Johnny - through the security guards - and took our pictures with the players and began our walk to the car. Finally at 2:45 we made it home! And can I say that is why I was so glad to be on Fall Break!
So, Sunday we made it to church and the commissary (which is finally back open thanks to Washington) and then just laid around and rested! Monday morning we slept in and cooked a big, late breakfast. Brian and I went to see Captain Phillips and it was a great movie that I would tell any of you to go see! Then we just some time at home with the kids and dogs and laundry because that's what happens when you are gone all day on Saturday!
And today, we are celebrating a special day - Kamdyn's 15th birthday!
It is so hard to believe that she is already 15! It seems like just yesterday that we were holding this little bundle, wondering what we were going to do with a little girl. She was perfect and tiny and coming into a home with two little boys full of energy and tricks. Fifteen years later she is still our little girl but she is as tough as her brothers!
I had no idea what we were getting into when we brought her home. Her closet was full of pink and dresses and Barbies that I knew she would one day love as much as me. It was evident early on that God had indeed made her in His own special way, not exactly what I had ordered but so much better than I could've imagined! She loves sports and animals and reading her Bible. She will say hi to visitors, pick up a crying baby and serve others without noticing their skin color or language barrier. In her the Lord has given us such a special gift and in the blink of an eye time has flown by.
I remember watching her sleep in her cradle, dreaming about all the things we would do together! And today we spent the day shopping - at her stores, on her time because she likes to get what you need and go. Before going out for her birthday dinner I snapped this picture...
...and I realized the grains of sand are slipping through our hour glass. Our little girl is becoming a young lady! So today I have prayed she will always walk the way the Lord leads, love those He loves and impact His Kingdom with the gifts He created in her. I pray she knows the fullness of His love and that she stands strong in that. I have thanked Him for her over and over, the miracle that she is. And tonight, we celebrated her!
So, happy birthday sweet girl! Your father and I love you and thank God for the giving us the opportunity to be your parents!!
And that has been our Fall Break! It is hard to believe tomorrow is "hump day" already and these short weeks tend to be longer than a five day week most of the time once we go back to school. I hope to be more regular in blogging, which I know I have said a hundred times but I really do mean it!
Maybe you can also look for something to celebrate today....