Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Homecoming 2013 and more...

Hey ya'll! I hope the cooler (and almost cold) weather has made it to wherever you are! Here in our little part of the country we have been beyond blessed since about 12:30 Sunday afternoon, when the temperature began a drastic nosedive that has kept us in sweaters ever since! Seriously, after church we went to eat Mexican food and when we got back into the car the temp had dropped almost 10 degrees and it dropped another 3 or 4 just in the short drive home. By the way, give me a rainy and cold Sunday afternoon and I will flat tear up a good book followed by a short nap! I think the good Lord knew I truly needed a day of rest.

Last week was Homecoming at our school, which is probably one of my favorite weeks of the school year. The kids love dress up days and I really like the excitement homecoming brings, minus the fact that with each one I realize I am fast approaching my 20th class reunion and honestly that just sounds so old!

Anyways, this Homecoming week was special for lots of reasons. Mother came to visit, which is something the kids have been waiting for since school started. We enjoyed her being here to make the kids their favorite foods and cheer them on at their events and get to know their friends. And for the most part, I think we kept her entertained...

Kamdyn is on the Student Council at our school and she had to introduce the guest speaker for our Homecoming chapel Friday morning. There is nothing like going through 5 dresses the night before you need one for school but that might be best left to another post!

Koby's sweet girlfriend was the Homecoming Maid for her class. He was anxious to have his picture made with her after chapel was over!

Mother got to come back to school for the pep rally since Kamdyn would be performing! This is Kamdyn with one of her best friends.

One highlight of Homecoming was Ellie coming home! We were all so happy to see her and I am so thankful her whole family got to make the trip. She was able to hang out with us at home and at school. She got to catch up with her friends and her and Brendan took some senior pictures in the pre-cold front weather Saturday evening. It was great to have her here for a few days and we already miss having her around!

And in the heat of all the picture taking after the pep rally I was able to snap this quick picture of our kids. I didn't have to force anyone or make any threats - they just stood close and truly looked happy! These smiles are genuine so I am hopeful there will truly be a day where sibling rivalry will cease - or at least have a cease fire! In that moment that the camera lens snapped the picture I also realized for me there is no more homecoming where the three will be together so I have become even more dedicated to enjoying every moment this season of raising teenagers continues to bring. I truly believe in the blink of an eye, it will be over.

Our team played an amazing homecoming game, shutting out the other team 28-0! Following the game the team stayed on the field to watch the fireworks finale, which was a treat for everyone. There is nothing like the feeling of a win on homecoming and some little part of me wanted to stand and hold my number one while singing the BHS Alma Mater. It's kind of funny the things that stick with you over the years!
So, we survived homecoming and all the dress up days, events and special guests that it brought. We are doing our best to get through these next few days because Fall Break is coming our way next Monday and Tuesday.
Brendan is wrapping up his ROTC scholarship application, breathing a sigh of relief after the ACT scores came out this week. Basketball practice has started for him and Kamdyn and she is finishing up her last week of therapy on her knee. Koby's team plays away this Friday night and we are looking forward to the Aggies playing at Ole Miss this weekend!
I hope all is well where you are and that you are settling into this season of fall and all that it brings! Talk to you soon.... 

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