Wednesday, February 12, 2014


I realize that I might have a much more faithful audience of readers if I myself were more faithful in posting. However, there is something called life that continues to keep me on the go. At times, I feel like I am living in a real life comedy show - three teenagers, a husband, two dogs and a season of winter that will not stop! I even heard today that this winter rivals the winter of 1982 and while I was alive in '82 I couldn't tell you anything about that winter. If it was as cold and rainy/snowy as what we continue to witness then I think it might be best I have it out of my memory!

We have been on the road for basketball and that is why I have posted very little in the last week or so. I should tell you that Kamdyn's team is done after getting beat in the play-in game of the district tournament. It was a great game because her team scored 41 points, which was their season high! They only lost by three points but to Kamdyn that was like getting beat thirty points. She had a great game and after 24 hours she was over the loss but not over the season.

The boys are still playing out their season! We were on the road last Thursday and Saturday with them in the district tournament and I can say their hard work paid off....

...because they brought home the district championship trophy! To say these boys were excited is an understatement! And, since I haven't posted too many pictures from the end of the season I thought I would do that on the blog tonight because I am all caught up on laundry, dishes and TV since we have a had snow day!! Lucky you....

Koby and Brendan both put up double digits during the tournament. Koby ended the game on Saturday with a busted tongue and I think it was a great war wound to him. I took this picture of Brendan and his best friend seconds before the final buzzer rang...

At this point the coach had pulled them from the game and they knew they were about to win the championship, which was a goal the two of them set as seniors for the team. They went ahead and put their #1 up to practice for all the pictures that were to come! Jaelin will be going with Brendan to Guatemala later in the spring for a mission trip and I am so thankful that God has provided such a great friend for Brendan.

Brendan was also selected to the All Tournament team, which was announced after the game. I think the getting the win was important and the All Tournament selection was icing on the cake! After the boys came out of the dressing room someone snapped this family picture for us...

Earlier in the afternoon Kamdyn painted herself a shirt to wear. Through the season the boys have worn #2 and #3 and she has worn #1. It would be too much to think they had coordinated this so please know it was clearly by chance that it worked out they would be #1, #2 and #3. But she came up with a play on the numbers and painted herself a shirt. They let me take this picture before we left the house for the game...

And that's what has been going on with us! The kids enjoyed Winter Jam Sunday and we have truly been thankful for a day out of school because of this winter storm 2014 part 1, 2 AND 3!! It snowed right after we got home from school today and we canceled church. Once the boys got in from practice Koby changed into something warm and he and Johnny got by the fire...

Yes, those would be footed pajamas!!

Tomorrow we hit the road to play in the next round of the playoffs. We are praying for a win and I'll keep you updated. STAY WARM Y'ALL!


  1. i.love.these.pics! especially koby in his pjs :) love his personality! and sister with her shirt...presh! i am pretty over the weather...excited about the 70 degree weather they are forcasting this weekend. hope it makes it yalls way! love ya :)

  2. So proud for the Rams! Love the painted shirt =) And that is a great family picture!

    It was so good to see you today! I have missed my school friends =)'

  3. Basketball not only brings out the best physical aspect in a person, it also helps them to improve mentally. Being through so much disappointments, setbacks and losses made this success possible and a sweeter one! Thanks for sharing! :)

    Jennine Stalder