Friday, February 21, 2014

The End of a Chapter....

As you all know we have been playing basketball since late October. Not we to include me in the physical part of the game but we that includes time and money spent on the road, in the bleachers and washing uniforms! It is my favorite of all the sport seasons, and we have certainly been on both ends of the win-loss column with our kids this year.

The boys have had a great season and I believe they have been part of a rare team experience. There is no selfishness, no fighting, no playing for the number on the jersey. They made a decision from game one to play with one theme - "one body, many parts" - and they have had a season where we have seen teenage boys live that out better than many churches!

I grew up going to the State Tournament, both as a spectator and as a part of a team. God did not see fit to bless me with a talent for the game, but a love for it was put deep into my heart because I had parents who have gave me great exposure. I knew I would want my kids to have similar experiences and all three of them have been dribbling a ball as long as I can remember. So, this year our boys reached one of their goals which was going to the State Tournament. While I understand our small, private 1A school version is a far cry from the Texas State Tournament I grew up with I also know for our boys this was as big of an accomplishment as any I had seen or been a part of. And last night we played in the second round of the tournament as one of the top 8 teams in the state!

The boys had every opportunity to be intimidated, scared or uncertain as they took the court. To be honest I was all of that and more in the stands!! The team we played included a 6'7" post in addition to some quick guards. However, true to their team motto the boys came out as one body using their many talents to play a tough game. A win seemed well within reach until the final 3 minutes of the game and in the end we came up short.

There are things I want to protect our kids from, when I would choose to be the one to feel the hurt feelings or face the disappointment or rejection. I know this is part of life but it doesn't make it any easier for me as their mother. When Kamdyn experienced loss after loss this season, when other girls called her names, when her boyfriend broke up with her because another girl in her class was "prettier" I wanted to take it all away. When the clock hit 0:00 last night, I wanted to be the one to feel that pain and disappointment instead of our boys. I wanted the them to win, to continue on their journey making school history, to make memories that would last forever but it wasn't going to happen.

My job as their mom has been to pick up the pieces but what do you say to your son who has played his final game after playing for the school since 7th grade? When you see him pull the jersey over his face to hide his tears, you want to run to the court and pick him up like you could when he was 2 years old and he lost his pacifier. {Do not judge my mothering by the fact that I did in fact let Brendan have a pacifier until he was 2!} There is nothing you can say, no words that bring comfort because loosing a game in the state tournament is nothing you can fix! I wanted to stop time, to reverse time, to run out and tip the ball in as it spun around the rim and out but you know, LACK OF TALENT. A mother doesn't do well with the feeling of helplessness because it is her job to take care of things, to fix things, to protect and last night I could do none of those.

And so the Bailey's are ending a chapter. It's time for me to unpack the candy/first aid bag that I have been carrying all over this state since August. I'll get back to running and cooking and being home at night to see TV live instead of on the DVR. But then there is also the end of another chapter, the one where Brian and I have seen our boys on the court together...

...the one where they hold up trophies together and win together and even loose together and in the end that is what this has all been about. I am truly thankful God wove a love of basketball into our family story and every mile we have driven, dollar we have spent and minute in the stands has been worth every bit of it.

I should also say a HUGE thank you to Gran and Aunt Glenda for coming to see the boys play in the State Tournament!! They got to see a great game and the kids, or maybe just Koby, provided them enough comic relief to last until next time. We were so glad y'all could make the trip over!!

So maybe now I will be a more faithful blogger and to be honest I do have lots to share but first I'll adjust to being home and maybe college basketball! Talk to you soon...


  1. I would not have missed it!! Loved being around you & your sweet kids, and even Brian, lol! This was the only game I saw but you could just tell all of them were more like family than friends. So enjoyed the entire experience & got home just in time to change clothes & go to a Brownsboro Bear playoff game that went into overtime. Our outcome was different so n a regional quarterfinal game Tuesday night. Ben & I will leave Wednesday morning for the girl's state tourney to have three days of continuous basketball. Nice being retired, but disappointed that the Martin Mills girls got beat today.

  2. So enjoyed getting to see them play and the amazing improvement they had made since Christmas - hate we couldn't come away with the win. Enjoy this week and it picks up the next with Kobys surgery and Brendan's All Star game - then Spring Break , Guatemala trip for Brendan, and graduation around the corner - HOLD ON!!!

  3. hate they didn't win. would have loved to been able to see them. i know my kids are younger, but with levi now in year three of little dribblers and luke with his tender heart...i'm already beginning to feel that same way...of wanting to take away the hurt. and as i began reading that part of your blog, i think that's how our heavenly father feels about us...he wants to take away our hurt and pain and give us his strength and unfailing love. so thankful for that.