Monday, April 8, 2013

Mixing it up...

I am typing this as the national championship game is starting so I hope that I can stay focused on writing. I really do not have a preference for who wins this game and truth be told I probably won't even make it past halftime. However, I do remember all those years ago when Michigan won with the Fab 5 and I do like the warm up shirts that the team is wearing this year so I guess I will cheer for them if I get into the game.

This game pretty much begins what I think of as the nothingness of sports (I know that isn't a word but it works here for me). What I mean is that after this, it's a LONG time until college football comes back around. So weekends become more about HGTV and what's going on outside than watching any kind of sports on TV. No offense to those of you who have an interest in golf or racing cars, but those things do not top my list of sports to watch on TV.

Now that I have rambled on about pretty much nothing of importance, I wanted to mix things up a little and share some things I have come across lately...

  • If you have a chance, read this blog post from the Bachelor's sister. I know she has a name but it's easier for me to remember her as the Bachelor's sister. Anyways, I recently read a post on another blog and the author was talking about the Bachelor's sister and this great cake recipe. I haven't had a chance to make the cake yet but I can promise you I have printed the recipe and it is in my stack of things-I-will-make-one-day. That is a tall stack, but clearly this recipe is going to be close to the top of the list. Check it out -


  • I am counting down the days until a book comes out from one of my other favorite bloggers!! If you have a chance, visit the book page on www.boomama.net and download the first chapter of her book. I absolutely can NOT wait until this book comes out and I think it just might be the first thing I read when summer arrives.

  • When I have time I get on a blog written by Angie Smith. I heard her speak almost two years ago at a conference and just loved the honesty and humility that made her seem so real. This is an article I read last week but I really wanted to share it now with you. It's more for young mothers, and it stepped on my toes a bit. But I loved what she wrote! She told the truth, which needed to be said and my hope is that by reading this article it will help you put life in perspective... 


  • My Wednesday night Bible study group just started a study on Nehemiah and I am absolutely loving it so far! I was a little worried when I was desperately searching through the Old Testament looking for this book as I prepared for our first session and couldn't find it. Come to find Nehemiah is in the really old part of the Old Testament, before Psalms, before Job and before Esther. Like you knew! Anyways, we have basically just studied the first chapter and more specifically the prayer Nehemiah prayed in chapter one and I have already decided I will fall in love with this old book. If you have a chance, read that first chapter and see the compassion Nehemiah had for the people he loved. It will stir your heart I can promise!

Well, there is lots more I was thinking I would write on but I am slowly being sucked into this game. The score is close, there is a story about the guy making all the 3s and they have just shown the Fab 5 which gave me immediate flashbacks to the 90s.

I hope you have a great week!!


  1. Hey, I have taught thou Nehemiah, three times, and love it more each time! He was a great leader , full of faith and trust, wise, and emotionally strong! The story teaches us to be strong in the face of tribulation!.... Love you

  2. the game was great! yall might have to take up interest in baseball to help pass the time. i added that cake to my huge stack as well. ready for boo mama's book. been trying to keep up with angie's blog. that is exactly what she talked about at dotmom...really stepped on my toes a bit too. is it kelly minter's study over nehemiah? i've been looking at that one. hmmm...ok...guess that's all of my long reply :)

  3. We did Kelly Minter's Nehemiah study in the unmet and it was great! Her video to go along with discussion was good too. Lots of stories I had forgotten about. Lots of FAITH in action.

  4. ...in the summer....oops. Also, I hope to read more blogs in the future, but for now I have 100 pages about Hispanics of the American Southwest in the early twentieth century to read! ;)

    1. SO glad I am not reading what you are reading Kelly!!