Monday, April 15, 2013

The Carousel of Sports...

We enjoyed a beautiful weekend and I don't think I could have ordered a more perfect evening as we enjoyed crawfish with some friends Saturday evening....

 Our family along with some great friends put away 35 pounds of crawfish!! The kids had so much fun and we all enjoyed the feast! I also made a great dessert that I took to our feast and I wanted to pass it on. It was super easy! (And it's Paula Deen which is always good!)

You need a package of chipsahoy cookies and 2 small containers of cool whip - the extra creamy kind! In a trifle bowl, you will layer cool whip with about six or seven cookies, dunking each cookie in milk before you place it on the cool whip. Repeat the layering ending with cool whip. I had about 4 cookies left and I just crumbled those over the cool whip. Paula says top with some pecans and fresh mint, but I was out of both!!

This is also a new favorite of mine that I had to share here with ya'll just in case you come across some discounted candy this late after Easter...

Maybe I am late to the party, but I have NEVER seen coconut M&Ms before!! I thought I would try them for $1.35 for the bag and I absolutely do! Kamdyn and I have been sharing them all week. If you see these somewhere, pick up a bag!

I also wanted to share this picture with ya'll! Koby sent it to me Saturday afternoon and it reminds me of how he always makes us laugh...

Along with the picture he wrote "Your baby boy is becoming a man". Only Koby!!!
 So basically I have just shown you our weekend in pictures!!

Our family is also on a carousel of sports this week! Kamdyn is finishing up softball season with three games this week and one next week. She has really grown to love the catcher position and I have enjoyed seeing her confidence grow when she gets up to bat. I am amazed how much she enjoys this sport...

 She has caught a fly ball, which was a big deal to her! Then in her game this evening, she was struggling to get some out at home and ended up pushing a girl off the base. Yes, this is our tough little girl!

Both Kamdyn and Koby are running track and today they had to make up a meet that was postponed last Friday due to so much rain in our area. Since Kamdyn also had a home softball game I drove down to the track meet to bring back her and some of the other softball girls after field events ended.

Plus, if I was totally honest with you I would have to tell you that deep down I do love a track meet! When I was in school, to play basketball you had to run track. I hated running! There was just nothing inside of me that was encouraged to run. And our coach seemed to think that the fatter you were the longer distance you ran. So, what did I run? The one mile and even the two mile a few times. I never did figure out his logic of making us run the distance runs but I did fake a knee injury a time or two to get out of them! Anyways, I was always amazed at those who could hurdle or run fast and I think that exposure just got me interested in track meets. I think they are so fun and a strange combination of individual success with a team score overall.

Anyways, back to my children since that's what I was actually planning to write about. Kamdyn participated in field events, throwing the discus and shot put this morning. Koby did the Triple Jump and ran in the 2 Mile Relay.

Kamdyn missed getting a ribbon by an inch, literally! But she did a great job for an 8th grader and her coach was pleased. Koby didn't place in the triple jump, but this was his first time to try it and basically he is always just open minded to trying anything that seems fun. However, his relay team placed second and if they do that well on Friday they will move on to the North State meet. He was really excited about how well his team did and although I missed the race because I was already on the road with the softball girls, he did send me a picture of his ribbon and of him fake running. Just use your imagination!

And please don't think I am leaving Brendan out of this post altogether! He is not running track this year for the first time since 6th grade. He is busy studying for his college History final, which he takes this Wednesday. He also took the ACT Saturday morning and called me after it was over to say, "that was the hardest test I ever took!". Which by the way is the exact thing he said last time he took it.

So, that's what has been going on over here in Mississippi! The warmer weather is making me anxious to get our garden going and I am enjoying our azaleas that have bloomed over the last few days. I hope spring is brightening your spirits wherever you are...


  1. love koby's pic! i helped out at our j-hi track meet yesterday...brought back some memories. i really enjoyed it! can't wait to try that dessert!!

  2. Love those coconut M&M's!!! Kobys picture cracks me up - Kam is looking good in track and softball - Way to go Koby in the relay - Hang in there Brendan, you'll survive. Love Ya!