Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Starting the Countdown....

I have no idea how long it has been since I sat down to update the blog. However, I can tell you in the past week I have sat through two track meets and six softball games and gotten behind on all sorts of laundry and housework.

The good news is that Koby's 2 mile relay team, which Brendan has now joined because apparently he was a backup, placed third overall in district and they are headed to North State this weekend.

If they can place in the top four at North State they will advance on to the State meet, but let's not get ahead of ourselves! The boys have worked tirelessly the past few days to decrease their time as they each run 800 meters (two laps around the track). Who knew that 5 seconds could be so important!!

Kamdyn has also had some excitement on the softball field. She played away last Tuesday about 90 miles from home and it was just one of those nights that Brian and I couldn't get away to the game. I got a text from her after she played along with the picture to tell me that she had been hit in the head with a bat...and I slightly wanted to panic! Apparently she flipped off her catcher mask to go for the ball and batter threw the bat, which hit Kamdyn right on the eyebrow bone area. She had a nice goose egg and headache, and even now the outside part of her eye is green and blue. However, she was excited that she threw the batter out at first which I guess made up for the black eye she is still sporting! And, I felt like mother of the year since I was not there to give her ibuprofen and ice and ask her 100 times if she was OK. Her team finished their season last night (THANK GOODNESS!).

We enjoyed a really peaceful weekend, which I am also most thankful for! The Lord just keeps blessing us with beautiful weekend weather and we have really enjoyed it. Koby and two other friends took part in a local community service project Saturday by participating in the "Joy Prom". This event is sponsored by another Baptist church in our county and is put on for people who have disabilities and special needs. He was so excited to be a part of this and if you know Koby you know that it involved two of his favorite things: 1) Dressing up and 2) a party with lots of people.


The kids couldn't take pictures when they were at the event but when they got back to the house they were all telling stories!! Apparently, Koby's "date" for the night was an older woman in a wheel chair. He wasn't sure about her disability, but he said he just bent over and danced along with her the best he could. Monday the coordinator of the event called to tell me that Koby had done such an awesome job as a "date" for the night and that he really shined at the event. She went on to say she calls the parents of the one student she sees that is the most of a blessing to her and this year that was Koby.

I take absolutely no credit for this. His personality comes from his father, but his servant heart and ability to shine comes from his Heavenly Father. My daily prayer is that the Lord uses Koby's personality to help spread the gospel and impact His Kingdom. I pray He gives Brian and I wisdom to help Koby and Brendan and Kamdyn develop the gifts He has provided to them for His glory. I always wanted our children to be best and have the best, but recently I have come to the conclusion that the best by the world's standards is not the best I should've imagined for them all this time. I want God's best for them - His blessing, His leading in their lives!

We are now officially starting the end of school countdown!!!!!

The boys are hoping to be exempt from finals, which would put them getting out of school in just 3 weeks and 3 days. Kamdyn will have to take finals as an 8th grader so she has exactly four weeks left from today. BRING ON SUMMER!!!! Well, minus the humidity and high electric bill....


  1. I'm sure Koby's date now has a crush on him!

  2. Know Koby loved it and had a great time - good luck to the boys relay team - so proud of Kam and her softball - now bring on the beach!

  3. aww that's so sweet. i know koby was great at the event. way to be tough kam :) i have been on the countdown as well. we are down to just 24 school days...but i really just have about 20 with meetings and field days and such :) ready for the beach!!