Monday, November 25, 2013

Because getting old is not fun...

Some of you may think I have completely fallen off the earth, or caved under the pre-Black Friday chaos that I love this time of year. But the truth is I am in fact getting older and the proof came last Sunday!

As I reached down to get my cans of cinnamon rolls out of the lowest shelf in the refrigerator {because I cook a mean Sunday morning breakfast for my family!} I felt something in my back that I can only explain as PAIN!!!! I mean that kind of pain that makes you see white light, like maybe the end is actually here. I finally got up, thinking it would pass and as only a stubborn person like me would do I went on to get ready for church. I willed myself through Sunday School and the service and by the time I got home I officially realized this might not be a short battle.

Brian did his best to medicate me and make me comfortable all afternoon but we finally both agreed maybe the ER would provide the best medicine for me and even a possible answer as to why I was in such pain. Clearly I was not in my right mind!!!!

The ER did provide a good shot of some pain medicine from a sweet, sympathetic nurse. I do not have such nice things to say about a doctor who had the nerve to ask me if my back hurt because I was constipated! Or maybe because of kidney stones! If I could have choked that man I think I would have because a) constipation has never sent me to the hospital and b) the one experience I had with a kidney stone left a life long impression of pain. Thankfully the medicine knocked me out before I could say anything that would lead me to the altar to repent!

So I spent most of last week laying flat on my back, taking strong medicine which kept from enjoying my daytime TV shows that I would have loved to watch had I been able to stay awake for them! Brian has been the best nurse and I have not been the best patient! I started physical therapy as well and by this morning I think things just might turn around.

There were several times last week that I thought I would sit up and post a blog but two little words kept me from it - MUSCLE RELAXERS. I just can't fight those strong medicines! And, blogging was on my list of things to do last weekend. Not that I had whole lot to share, but I was going to let you know how the kids were doing in basketball and my plans of decorating for Christmas before going home for Thanksgiving and a recipe for something that I can't even remember now. Little did I know what awaited me when I woke up Sunday morning!

So a week later I am posting just to let everyone know we are alive and somewhat well here in Mississippi and that I have discovered getting older is not fun...

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