Monday, November 11, 2013

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year...

Last week our family entered into the most wonderful time of the year. Not because Christmas trees deck sales displays around town but because the kids started basketball season! This time of year keeps us on the road and in the bleachers, but we are all excited to see it get started.

The boys won their first game by 30 points but lost their second game of the week by 3. Here are a few pictures from their first game of the season...

Before taking the court the boys paused in their own huddle to pray
Brendan gave us two surprises in the first game! First of all, he changed his jersey number and came out sporting #2. I have several theories as to why this happened and he hasn't really confirmed any of them but he says this will be his jersey number this year. So far, it has proven lucky and we all know how he tends to be superstitious! The second surprise was that he would be jumping at tip off. Let me assure you of one thing - Brendan got his vertical ability from me! At this point I am not sure what his coach is thinking in letting him jump but that's why I sit in the stands I guess.
Brendan has a left handed floater that he likes to shoot when driving the ball....
....but not to be outdone Koby takes his own left handed layup in to the goal!
Kamdyn plays two quarters on JV and four on Varsity. In this picture she was setting up on defense. She continues to take a beating down low physically and sometimes emotionally but she keeps on going!
And she is never scared to pull the three!
So pretty much this is what we have been doing and will keep doing for the next few months! These are the days that go fast with memories that will run deep in my heart. Watching the kids play, cheering on their team, eating popcorn for supper, loving them through their disappointments in loosing and elation in winning are all highlights on the reel of raising teenagers.


  1. walked thru our gym this morning to the guys beginning their try-outs...basketballs everywhere, coach yelling, boys saying "yes sir"....love basketball season! hope to see the kids play some over the Christmas holidays :)

  2. Love some basketball and can't wait to see the kids play!