Saturday, November 2, 2013

The End and The Beginning....

This week was one of those weeks where on Monday you are already anticipating Friday! You know what I mean? It's like when you eat a good meal but really you just want to skip on to the great chocolate cake at the end except I knew my week might not be good and there was no chocolate cake coming my way on Friday!

Let me backtrack....

Koby's team came up short by two points last Friday night in the district championship. When I tell you it was a heartbreaker I mean it! The boys were just devastated to be so close and not reach their goal, literally. The last one off the field was our child, teary eyed and disappointed. The team's biggest cheerleader had nothing to say and I think that pretty much lasted until sometime Saturday afternoon. So, we gave him some space and waited for the Aggies to give us the win of the weekend.

Koby's team did qualify for the playoffs and we found out over the weekend we would be playing in Natchez, MS against the #1 team. It was at that point I began to realize the craziness that would be our week.

Brendan spent last weekend in Florida with Ellie and her family enjoying the beach and the sunshine as we froze to death here...

His flight coming home filled up so he got to stay an extra day and came back into Birmingham on Monday, and that started our week of being on the go.

Kamdyn's team had two preseason basketball games last week and since she plays on both the JV and Varsity this year that meant I would have the opportunity to get reacquainted with the basketball bleachers and my basketball diet very quick! Her team got beat both nights and not just by a few points. They really got beat down and Kamdyn had a rare showing of emotions Monday night that we don't usually deal with. Frustration and pain and exhaustion just got the best of her and I found myself thinking what a long season this could possibly be and how the drama that comes with a 15 year old girl is so much more than I recall experiencing myself. I kind of feel like I should apologize to anyone who dealt with me at that age in any way!

 So, see why I might be anticipating Friday so early in the week?

We wrapped up the basketball games Tuesday night and then celebrated with 1600 of our closest friends in the church and community at our annual church "Trunk or Treat" Wednesday night.

Kamdyn handed out candy at our trunk and here she is with a few of the kids before the night got started. Our trunk was just decorated for fall and our game was a bean bag toss because I am that creative. {Aren't you impressed?} And, nothing says fall like a 75 degree night of trunk or treat!
I did have the chance to post this picture on my Instagram Thursday for #throwbackthursday in honor of Halloween 1999...
For the record, the boys were Batman and Robin three years in a row. My mother taught me to be thrifty and I am telling you we got our money's worth out of those costumes. I have kept them put up because our boys got so much wear out of them I just can't stand the thought of getting rid of them! 
So, now we get to the end of the week. Yesterday we traveled to Natchez for the playoff game, which by the way is located 4 hours south of where we live. We fed the boys a late breakfast, got on the charter bus and made our way south knowing full well we would be facing the giants of our conference.
I snapped this picture of the boys after they finished their pregame warm ups! Helmets up and heads held high...

And after the first quarter I snapped this one of our "warrior"...
He and the rest of the team came ready but in the end we were not the better team and our football season came to an end. They had a great run and making the playoffs is always a positive to any season. Brian and I were so proud of the leadership Koby showed for the team and of all the effort he poured into the season!
Kamdyn and I enjoyed cheering the team on together in the final game of the season and as you can tell her smile was finally back!
So now we get ready to begin our next season as all the Bailey's will suit up for basketball. This week we will play Tuesday and Thursday and Brian and I plan to enjoy seeing Brendan and Koby play their final year on the court together. I'm sure I'll be posting pictures, but first I am going to spend this beautiful fall Saturday recovering from the week that is behind us!!

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  1. Glad you got that week behind you! Now countdown to Thanksgiving - loved the Halloween throwback picture - fun times!