Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Happy New Year

I tried and tried to think of a creative title for this post but I went for the obvious because of one reason........

The Fighting Texas Aggies won the ChickfilA bowl just minutes before the clock struck midnight! What a way to ring in 2014 - although it is highly possible my heart almost gave out at least three or four times in the fourth quarter alone!

Our family along with my parents headed to Atlanta to see the Aggies play Duke in the ChickfilA bowl at the Georgia Dome. We did some shopping on the way over and then made it to the hotel late Monday evening. After finding food and checking things out we got ready to head out for Midnight Yell along with 1500 of our closest friends!

After we took our group picture on the stage the boys found their way in front of a tv camera, being interviewed for the local College Station news.

Click here to watch the video

We had time to get a few more pictures before all the story-telling and btho yelling began!
The kids did such a great job posing for all the pictures I kept taking!! We really enjoyed yell practice and then made the long walk back to the hotel to get our rest for the game and festivities of New Year's Eve.
I found the closest Starbucks to get my New Year's Eve morning going then we had some late breakfast and took in the parade. We had several hours to kill between the parade and getting to the Dome so Brian led us down to the Marta {or train}.....
...and it only took three workers to help us figure out how to get a pass to ride and what train to take!! Indeed country had come to town! After finding us some good supper and doing a little more shopping we got back on the train and headed to the game!
We were all bundled up while we waited to get into the Dome...
....but then we were able to get inside to our seats and get comfortable!!
In my wildest dreams I would not have thought this would be such a close game and I even leaned over to Brian at one point in the second quarter and said, "if we loose this game we will be the laughing stock of the SEC". It wasn't that I didn't have faith in the Ags but I was starting to wonder if our defense realized that the game had started!
I spent a good part of the fourth quarter with one hand over my eyes, wanting to know but scared to look! At one point I thought I might even be sick...literally! Once the final minute began to tick away the boys headed down to the rail to get a good view of the trophy presentations...
I can't think of a better way for us to celebrate the start of 2014! I took this picture of Brian and I just before midnight...
...a happy new year's selfie just minutes after we won!
We had so much fun with mom and dad and the kids - cheering on the Aggies and spending time together. What a great way to end 2013 and I do look forward to what 2014 holds for the Bailey bunch!!



  1. A great time had by all! Great hotel, good food, great family time!!! GREAT FOOTBALL,,,,,GIG'em!

  2. WOW - what a fun time - thanks for letting us hang with y'all!

  3. sounds like yall had a blast. was an exciting game to watch on tv...can only imagine it live. and how 'bout my nephews...looking all grown and stuff on the news! wow! happy new year to yall!!