Tuesday, January 7, 2014

We are Back Jack...

The Bailey bunch is officially back into the routine of school, basketball and a piled high laundry basket! The break was good while it lasted and I was reminded this morning as the alarm sounded that I can no longer stay up until 11:00- not even to see the National Championship game!

It has been so cold here, which I know you will not have a hard time believing since the north pole is now anywhere above Interstate 20! It is the kind of cold that makes you want to stay inside - in comfortable pajamas with a good book and the fire going. For the record, I like to pretty much do that even if it was 45 degrees so imagine the desire of my heart when it is 9 degrees with a negative windchill.

Our time off really was a blessing! We found ourselves staying up late, watching movies or catching up on some shows on Netflix. I cooked, read, cleaned and read some more! Oh don't be jealous - I didn't get watch to near enough Hoda and Kathie Lee and I didn't spend a single whole day in my pajamas, which was one of my goals before getting out for the Christmas Break. Yes, I aim high!!

So yesterday I had dinner cooked, served, cleaned up and was in my new pink flannel pajama pants and comfy sweatshirt all before 6:30!! I was so excited and even a little bit proud of myself. I am in a TV dilemma right now because we have two nights of basketball this week plus church. Monday night was dedicated to the National Championship. However I still need to work in a two hour season premiere of Downton Abby, the season opener of the Bachelor and wrap up the final episodes of Scandal. Times are tough!!

And in a total off the wall topic dealing with tough times I have to ask WHO KNEW we would be having a Velveeta shortage in 2014? I was shocked to see this story on yahoo today. I feel like I should be stocking up on what is left on store shelves because my family uses Velveeta as a staple food! It is an essential every time I buy groceries the same as milk and bread! So if you thought your biggest problem was going to be your first credit card bill after Christmas you have another thing coming!

It really is hard to believe today is already Jan. 7 and I have found myself feeling curious and anxious about the year 2014. Brendan will graduate, Brian is most likely retiring from the Air Force, Kamdyn will turn 16 and Koby will finally figure out how to check the balance in his checking account before using his debit card. And on top of that it looks as though the Aggies will loose Johnny Football! So you can see my anxiety over 2014 is indeed legitimate!

To be honest, in January I try to spend some time praying about a verse or word that God might have for me to face the coming year. I have recently been reminded of my verse from last year out of Deut. 31 as Moses gives Joshua the "torch" to lead the Israelites into the Promised Land. He tells Joshua {v.8} "Do not be afraid or discouraged, for the LORD will go before you. He will be with you; He will never leave you or forsake you." It was exactly the verse I needed in 2013 and now I am asking the Lord to go before me in 2014, through emotional parenting times and scary job security times and lead me. I haven't landed on my verse for this year, but I know that the Lord knows exactly what I need to face all that is ahead of me and without fail the scripture will be a lamp to my feet and light to my path.

So in the frigid start of this new year I hope you have given thought to how the Lord will lead you. What things does He have in store for you this year? How can you grow in your relationship with Him and what ways will you impact the Kingdom? We all want to loose weight, exercise more, run a marathon 5K but what goals do you have for your relationship with Christ?

I have to wrap this up or risk being up past bedtime yet again. Adjusting back to the 5:30 alarm is not near as exciting as it might seem. I do hope you are staying warm wherever you are and I pray the Holy Spirit leads you to just the verse you need in your heart as you dive into 2014!!

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