Monday, January 20, 2014

Life is a battle...

It's been too long since I posted but well .... basketball happened. Oh and a slight outbreak of flu. And maybe even one or two nights of catching up on TV. Let me see if I can sort it all out -

Last week, the second week back to school, I felt like I could probably battle my way through all that was coming our way. I knew we would play three nights of basketball, one of which would be a rivalry game for the boys and all of which would most likely find Kamdyn's team on the loosing end of the score board. Two at home, one on the road. So, I was ready!

We celebrated the wins, encouraged Kamdyn to battle on with her team and teammates and pushed ahead through the week. The kids worked to keep up their homework and I worked on some Sunday School material I have been writing and Brian gave his best effort to continue up the ladder on Candy Crush {a game I have not attempted because I just can't have one more thing I feel like I need to accomplish right now}.

By Wednesday we started seeing kids drop like flies with flu and strep throat at the school. Then teachers and even our administrator and on Thursday I sent Brendan on to the doctor after lunch because I knew we needed to stay on top of whatever was developing in his sinuses. He had a negative flu test but they did go ahead and treat him for a sinus infection and cough. By Friday it was my turn!

The kids played away on Friday night and Brian and I had already decided this would be our game to miss, mostly because it had been THE CRAZIEST week and we both needed to just catch our breath. Plus we also had a gift card to a local restaurant that we were eager to spend! So we had big plans to go out to eat and catch up on our TV shows but I took some kind of medicine for my cold/flu and was OUT at 7:30. Clearly I am not quite the date that I used to be!!

So Brendan and I have fought this stuff all weekend and into our holiday today. I am finally feeling better but I did have to take Brendan back to the doctor this afternoon. Thankfully, the doctor gave him some different medicine and a shot of an antibiotic! While I was thankful the doctor was going to be aggressive at treating whatever is lingering with Brendan, he was not and was willing to do battle with the poor nurse who gave him the shot. He remembered the medicine from his fight with pneumonia the summer before last and was NOT eager for a repeat of it! However, I am not eager for a repeat of the pneumonia-that-wouldn't-go-away so I told the nurse, "just go on and stick him please".

The truth is, I can't stand to get a shot myself. When the kids fuss about having to get one I instantly have a flash back to a time when I may have been held down so that a nurse could just stick me! I also take the opportunity to remind our kids of how many shots and sticks I got in order to bring them into this world. I don't think it helps them but it helps me!

So anyways, now you are all caught up on our medical woes. Hopefully Brendan will be on the road to recovery and nobody else comes down with whatever this is. The kids play three games again this week but thankfully they are all at home!

I have had some time to look for new recipes over the long weekend and came across two I wanted to share here with y'all. I will most likely make both of these - at the end of basketball when my kitchen will once again come alive!

So this is a dip recipe that I think might work for the Super Bowl party:


and this is a link to a spin on ham sandwiches that I am eager to try:


Well, now you are all caught up on us! We are once again awaiting the arrival of the "Polar Vortex", or what was known in my day as an Arctic Cold Front. I was thankful for the 57 degrees and sunshine of today and will confess I am eager for flip flop weather to arrive!

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  1. hate that yall have been sick. it's been a pretty big battle here too...nasty flu...we're in need of summer!! basketball has started for us...fun times :) made a soup and cupcakes from mix and match mama...both were super. have a great week!