Thursday, September 5, 2013

Unexpected Days...

Today I find myself in an unexpected situation which is proving to be a nice surprise so far! Our "floor guy" called on Tuesday to say he planned to be at our house today to put down the hardwood floors. Since Brian was not able to be off today, I am the lucky one to be at home and I have to say I am glad it fell to me!

At first I wondered what I would do all day because clearly I can't clean since I can't walk on the floors while they work! We have piled furniture in all kinds of places and I can't get to the dishwasher to unload dishes or the even at this point to the sink to wash a dish! There is some laundry but when is there not some laundry. So, here I sit blogging to you and enjoying just sitting!

So far this morning I have learned Kelly Rippa has a new hair cut, which by the way I am very envious of, and that there are many new shows coming this fall to NBC. I am planning to look through two cookbooks, which by the way seems so old fashioned since Pintrest is my recipe source right now. And, I will confess that most likely I will watch one if not two episodes of Downton Abby, which is the show I am currently addicted to.

But don't get too envious because this is how my morning started:

Today was the official kick off for FCA at school so Koby volunteered me to be at the school at 7:00 to cook pancakes! 
(In all honesty, this no longer surprises me.)
(Last week at the JV game I also learned I had been volunteered by Kamdyn to be the 9th grade homeroom mom and why not?) 
Anyways, we had 37 kids there this morning and I don't know how many pancakes that translated to but it seemed to be ALOT to me. The kids were so thankful and impressed with the wonderful "Light n Fluffy" pancakes!!
We have had some cooler weather here and less humidity, which is certainly a praise for me! However, Kamdyn's soccer team is still sweating it out in their games. Earlier this week we played in the delta and her team was able to find a great shade tree at halftime...
That would be our daughter sitting on top of the table with the bandanna around her head! We are hopeful she can last through the next 5 games. Her knee is giving her fits and the trainer has her on some stretches that we hope will improve her pain. If not, her soccer season may end a bit early so she can get some rehab and be ready to go for basketball.
I saw this on Instagram earlier this week and I knew I needed to share it here on the blog...
It made me laugh because isn't it the truth? I know it is at my house and I am not sure why our children think their dad can't answer questions. Here is a news flash: HE CAN!! He actually knows what I know, for the most part anyway. So to those of you who are struggling along just waiting on your precious little one to say "mama" please know they will say your name a million times more than daddy even if the say daddy first!
Well, I better wrap things up here! Hoda and Kathie Lee are on and multitasking has not always been my strongest trait. Plus it seems as though Hoda has accidentally given out her phone number on the show and since half of the country is calling her I may give it a try myself!
I hope your short week has felt shorter than mine! Why do we spend all week recovering from one day off anyway?
I'll be checking in over the weekend and until then here is hoping ESPN finds someone besides Johnny Manziel to talk about!  



  1. Glad you got to enjoy some down time - and I'm with you, enough talk about Johnny.

  2. Waiting on Carrie to say "mama" since she has started housing (not really saying) "dada." And yes, Gracie says my name much more than I can handle sometimes! Ready for Daddy t be home! Lol