Sunday, September 22, 2013

Because time doesn't stand still...

Some of you may be thinking I have gone into hiding after the loss the Aggies suffered against Alabama and to answer your question - no I haven't! However, after coming off a big weekend of wins we went through a weekend of loss and I needed time to recover. Or something like that anyway!

The truth is, we had a great time watching the Aggies battle it out with the elephants from Alabama. We just needed a little more time and I think we would've had them! But Koby's team had lost a big game the night before and two losses in less than 24 hours tends to put one down for the count! (Seems like there is something about pride coming before the fall)

Anyways, Brian and Brendan and Kamdyn had such a great time in College Station. If I had been there I would have had lots of pictures to share with you but since I wasn't this is all I have -

and there is nothing wrong with this picture but you all know I needed more!! I have decided two things - Kelly needs an iphone and I have got to teach my children the necessity of taking pictures!

Last week kept us busy and several times I thought about the need to sit down and type out a blog post but really that just sounds easier than it sometimes is. Our family seemed to be tied up most evenings and I left Thursday at 4:30 for the Lifeway's annual dot Mom conference with 11 others from our church! If I had blogged at all last week you would've known I was excited about this! We drove to Birmingham Thursday evening for some good food and shopping, two essentials on any trip where one or more women are gathered in a moving vehicle! Friday morning we made our way up to Chattanooga and began our time at the conference and oh what a blessing!

These are just a few snapshots of our weekend! Angela Thomas (top left) was an amazing speaker and if you ever have a chance to hear her or do a Bible study written by her PLEASE TAKE IT! She provided such a great challenge about the Kingdom's call for mothers and I have to say I appreciated her blunt words. Can I just tell you I am convinced that if more of us mothers would pick our heads up from the sand and take a stand for our children against the "busyness" that society seems to tell us is essential to our life well who knows what an impact we could make! So my kids will know I love the Lord, I love their father and I love them but I do not love the distractions Satan will use on our family to tear us apart.

Clearly I get a little excited about taking a stand! I will control my pressure now...

I just had the best time with some great friends from our church and we have already made plans for next year when Dot Mom will be in Nashville!! SIGN ME UP!

So I got in late Saturday night and I need to tell you that my house was clean!! Kamdyn and Brian had worked to clean up and straighten up and do laundry and I was very thankful! I am sure the boys did a little something to...the emphasis being on little! And this morning I got up and rode with Brendan to Birmingham to pick up Ellie. She hasn't been back to Columbus since they left in June and our family was SO happy to see her! We headed straight to eat Mexican food and tonight I even made her some cheese dip as friends came by our house to say hello. We snapped this picture outside tonight and I wanted to share it here with you...

Many times I have taken a picture hoping to make time stand still and this was one of them. I see it and realize time is slipping through my hands and there is nothing I can do to stop it. The boys and their girlfriends and Kamdyn looking more like a young lady than a little girl. This is God's plan, to grow them and then send them off, to be more for Him than I could ever have been myself. In them I see life and love and optimism and potential and I wonder if that is what God sees in me. If I want the world for our children how much more does God want for me?

Because time doesn't stand still I have put this picture right up front in my highlight reel of life - our children almost grown standing on the edge of all that is to come and I am reminded of this verse:

"For the Lord is good and His love endures forever; His faithfulness continues through all generations." Psalm 100:5

So, you have been caught up in a much shorter post than I imagined! I have a few more things to let you know about so hopefully this week I can make that happen. I am thankful for now for the cool fall weather and we even brought out the fire pit tonight complete with Smores! I hope things are well where you are...


  1. Yes, I do need an iPhone! Maybe in January. I don't know that I would've gotten many pictures taken, though, because my house was pretty crazy! Glad Ellie got to come visit, and I'm going to look into a dot Mom conference for our ladies for next year. They sound like so much fun!

  2. It does seem impossible for them to be at this stage in life - can't wait to see Gods plan for their lives. So glad you got to enjoy dot Mom conference again.

  3. jealous of the dotmom conference. pretty sure we are seriously looking in to how to get nashville next year so we don't miss out :) in the mean time, we are excited about women of faith in houston in february! so glad ellie got to come visit. the kids are so grown...almost not kids anymore... take good notes...i'm sure john and i will need them in the coming years!