Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Getting the "W"...

We have had an eventful few days around our home but what else is new! I had every intention of blogging Saturday and also Sunday but by Monday I realized it was just not going to happen. How excited I am to complete my goal this evening! It is a good thing I am OK with procrastination.

First of all, the floors are all in!! Maybe you don't recognize the significance of this moment in my life but just know there was a big shout of hallelujah when the floor guy finally left Friday. Brian and I are still working our way through putting everything back in place while also trying to throw some things out so it is not a completely finished project but the end is well in sight. And at the least we are walking on a real floor with normal walk ways and not on concrete around furniture scattered here and there.

Friday night we played in a home game and one of the best parts of a home game is the pep rally. It was Koby's turn to speak and I wanted to share the clip with you here:

Yes, our son promises a "W" (aka WIN) to the entire student body and staff. Nothing says confidence like that! The boys did play a great game and it was one of those close games that keeps you in it until the very end. With 23 seconds left to go we scored a touchdown that put us ahead and we WON!

Koby's enthusiasm kick started the team as he caught a pass in the end zone to put the first points on the board. It was one of those moments where I wanted not to look but looked anyway and I am certain I held my breath until he came down with the ball and the official gave the touchdown signal. I think I shook the bleachers all around me as I jumped up and down!

I was able to get this picture of him in action:

I think he was excited about the touchdown catch but he was more excited about the team getting the "W" he had promised! It was a great team effort and it started our weekend off in an exciting way!

We eagerly anticipated watching the Aggies play Saturday and thanks to technology and Brian's ingenuity we got to see the entire game. As we gathered around in our Aggie shirts we cheered the team on the entire game while enjoying some much needed family time. We were thankful for yet another win for our family!

Finally, Kamdyn's soccer team went on the road yesterday as they begin to finish up their season.

(By the way, I am certain I have sat in more heat over the last few days than I have at anytime in my life! I am praying the Lord sees fit to send fall weather sooner rather than later!)

Back to the game though... I am excited to report her team came away with a win, the second one of a very long season!

#22 played the whole game in multiple positions and received two foul calls for pushing down girls on the other team. She also came off the field after the game and asked me this: "Did you see me boxing out those girls?" By the way, boxing out is what we have asked her to do on the basketball court and I am pretty sure it is also against soccer rules much like taking two hands and shoving someone down. I am inclined to think her aggressiveness can be linked to two older brothers! At any rate I did remind her to play by the rules even when frustrated or tired, both of which she was by the end of the game.

Her team celebrated the win and I was happy for them to enjoy it! There are four games left in the season so the end is in sight - not only for games but also for the stinky shin guards that tend to smell up our car after a game.

So I am hopeful the wins we have had over the last few days will continue on this weekend! For our family we have a big football game Friday night against a team we went into 8 overtimes with last year. My heart may not take a game like that this time around!

And in case you have been living under a rock, one of the biggest games in college football history is happening Saturday at 2:30 as Texas ATM takes on the Crimson Tide in College Station!

So practice this saying with me:
"BTHO Alabama"

And as always, go Johnny go!

I'll check in with you later this week!


  1. Yea for all the wins and hope we can put a big one with them on Saturday! Glad you are getting your house back together.

  2. The best days of your life....enjoying life with your kids! Congrats on the wins...and sorry about the loss on Saturday.
    Post some photos of your new flooring!!
    Have a Blessed week