Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Walking the Walk

It is hard to believe we are already through half the week and here in our corner of the world fall has pretty much arrived. We are enjoying cooler mornings and I have been thankful for less humidity! Kamdyn started therapy on her knee this week and we are hopeful that after three weeks of this she will be ready to go again. What did we ever do before therapy?!

Koby has a big game across the state this week, literally! We live 9 miles from the state border with Alabama and this Friday night we will go across the state and play 3 miles from Arkansas. Sounds exciting right? Thankfully Mississippi is NOT the size of Texas! It is an important district game so we are hopeful for a win.

Brendan has been completing his college and ROTC applications. I think it is safe to say the clock is ticking towards him leaving home and I am trying to be OK with it. I have began a list of things he needs to know, starting with how to turn on the washing machine and I have no idea what it might end with.

I wanted to catch you up on two events that our kids have participated in through FCA over the last week. Our boys and even Kamdyn have always loved being a part of FCA. They have attended camps and meetings and fundraisers since they were in 7th grade. Last Thursday, our 11th and 12th grade FCA members were asked to carry a cross 6 miles through our county and both Brendan and Koby signed up for the task. I went along as the school representative, thinking I would follow behind and maybe take a picture or two or ten. So, we left the court house at 6:40 AM heading up a main high way in town with three kids taking turns carrying a 12 pound cross...

Brendan's group moved at more of a running pace than a walking pace. I was a little unprepared for running 6 miles. It was one thing to walk with the kids but to run at the pace they wanted to move was more than I had bargained for!

This is Koby's group taking their second turn on the walk.
And this is where I finally gave up!
The kids all ran the last mile together, after we had already done  a large hill towards the end. It was at this point I just was honest with myself - I'm knocking on the door of 37 which means there is just no way I can do what these kids can do since I really am not a runner (nor am I in shape but let's save that for another post)!
At one point I helped two of the girls carry the cross, which was making it's way through our county and through our state. As I was walking with them I really had a chance to think about what it truly represented! It was just one of those moments I won't forget and I pray that the kids who participated won't forget it any time soon either. I don't know if they did it to get out of school or to just have a good time, but I can't help but think the power of the cross is etched a little closer on their hearts.
Today was "See Ya at the Pole" day and our FCA sponsored that as well.
I clearly remember playing a keyboard with our youth band in front of the flag pole at our school many years ago not knowing that one day my own children would have a similar experience. Today I watched our boys lead prayer groups, read scripture and even close out the morning in prayer. I don't share this to be prideful but to rejoice that God is fulfilling in them the things I pray in earnest about. I pray He is real to them, that His Word is constant in their lives and that above all they honor Him. This today was outside their comfort zone, but this is also what strengthens their walk. At any moment, Satan will tempt them and try them and sometimes they will fall. In the end, I pray the faith they claim will be a faith they lead their own families with and today I think I saw a glimpse of the godly men they will be.
Walking the walk is never easy and I have been committed to Hebrews 12:1,2 here lately. We can only walk by keeping our focus on Him, not on the one wanting to tangle our feet in a web of sin and destruction.
So I hope you are having a great week this week as fall begins its approach. I've seen pumpkins for sale already and some beautiful mums are being put out at roadside stands. I for one am ready for soups, fireside smores and boots! I'll check back in soon...

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