Saturday, December 29, 2012

Family, Basketball and Christmas Vacation...

It is crazy how Dec. 26 is so different from Dec. 25! At some point Wednesday I caught myself thinking, "did we just have Christmas?". Like many of you I made a few stops in town to pick up some %50 off Christmas sale items, but I just couldn't get into the shopping experience, which is very unlike me by the way! I wanted to hang on to a few more minutes of that feeling that time stopped Christmas Day for our family to just enjoy one another and the time we had together. Not that our children fought less or cooperated with one another more, but it was a day of being home surrounded by those we love with no games or other events that we had to be in hurry to get to. 

Our house was also excited about some arriving company the day after Christmas! My mom, dad, sister and niece and nephews were coming for Christmas and our family was looking forward to their arrival. It is not an easy drive to make with young children, and I am speaking from experience. We have made many trips from Mississippi to East Texas, and when our kids were young we packed backpacks of toys and books to keep them occupied. Thankfully now there are DVD players and iPads to help with the passing of time. Oh, and peanut M&Ms for the grown ups!

We had lots of fun with them all here...

From Mexican food to ice cream and shakes at ChickfilA, we drug our family all over town. The boys were playing basketball in the Christmas Invitational that our school hosts each year after Christmas so they got to see them play in several games. I know the boys were glad to have some extra fans in the stands!

We also had our Christmas with them, where we got lots of surprises! Koby was very excited about his new iPhone cover...

...and after I download the 348 pictures I have taken on my new camera over the last 3 days (which is not an exaggeration by the way!) I might be posting more pictures of things the kids were excited to get from home!! Just be sure this was not the only Aggie gift given!

I also have to tell you mother surprised us with a truly great gift that we would never have thought of - she had some old videos we sent home through our time in Guam transferred over to DVDs. There was no skype or webcams when we were stationed overseas so I would make videos of the kids and the things they were doing at ages 2, 4 and 5 and mail them home. We have loved watching these old videos and it was truly one of the best gifts we have gotten!

The clock is now ticking towards a new year. I too am going to try to avoid going off the cliff! Today I purchased Jillian Michale's 30 Day Shred workout video. I am hopeful it will keep me from going off the buy-a-new-size-of-jeans cliff! If I haven't taken it out of the package by this time next week it's going back to Walmart and I'll have $10 to spend on something else.

I have enjoyed the first part of our Christmas vacation but I am eager to spend this next week taking it a little bit easier. There are closets to clean and Christmas decorations to put away. I have a new book to read and plan to enjoy looking through some cookbooks. I'll also be posting more Christmas pictures and pictures of the kids' basketball games as I make time to download the camera card. I hope you have enjoyed your Christmas as much as we have!

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  1. i was proud of the kids on the trip...yes, thankful for kindles and dvds. thanks for opening your home to us. love when our kiddos get to spend time together. enjoyed watching the boys play ball, and really enjoyed watching the guam videos with yall!