Sunday, December 30, 2012

Snapshots of Christmas...

I told you I would be posting some pictures from our Christmas and I am holding true to my word. I finally seem to have downloaded all the pictures from Christmas morning until now. It's so fun to look over them! I won't bore you with too many, but I did want to share a few of the highlights.

Here are Gracie and Livvy, my two nieces, at my parent's house on Christmas Eve. How could I not post this picture y'all? My sister emailed this to me and I just love it! You can tell the girls were excited over their matching gifts.

And speaking of being excited.... Here is Brian with the Johnny Heisman poster straight from College Station! He can't wait to get it hung up and a huge thanks to our Aggie family for making sure he got it.

Talk about Aggie gifts! Here is Kamdyn proudly showing off her new Aggie stuff after we opened gifts with the family.

Koby picked this one out in the Academy Black Friday sale paper!!

I don't know who was more excited over the Duck Dynasty tshirt we got my dad, him or Koby. This one has one of the great quotes - "It's on like Donkey Kong!". Please note Koby has already put on his new Texas ATM necklace as well. I am telling you he wastes NO time!!

This is Levi, our oldest nephew, holding up his Angry Birds shirt!

And Luke, who couldn't decide if he liked his Nerf gun or the mini M&Ms more!

No little girl's Christmas is complete without a new Barbie!!

Or for Gracie, it's a new pillow pet in the form of our Aggie mascot!

And finally, because I know you have seen way more than you ever wanted, here is a picture of our kids with the stockings mother has made for them. My sisters and I have our own crocheted stockings that our grandmother made for us and so it is neat to see our kids have have a similar keepsake. Right now they may be more concerned about what is inside the stocking than what the outside looks like, but I believe one day these stockings will mean as much to them as mine does to me. It is something that brings back childhood memories of a smiling, soft spoken and gentle grandmother. When I see my stocking I see her face and white hair and merry eyes and it makes my heart smile to have that memory. It is a snapshot of a memory that Christmas brings to the front of my mind. 


  1. hoping mine and kelly's kids get to have that as well...hint hint mom :) love ya! (and loving your new camera!)

  2. Great post Kris, but maybe you could have left off that stocking picture - not sure if i will ever get out of trouble!! Enjoyed our trip and getting to see the boys play - Love Ya!

  3. Great pics! One year maybe we can make the trip too! Don't worry, Mom, you can get our girls Aggie stockings and just tell them you made them! Lol love you!