Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Christmas Spirit...

Well, it's officially like Christmas in our house! I have put all but one tree up and what a marathon it has been.



I have hung up the stockings and decorated the tables. The trees are up in the kids rooms and in the living areas.

I have also put out pictures from Christmas pasts, which is one of my favorite things to decorate with! I love to look at old pictures of the kids all dressed up in the Christmas pajamas or nice matching Christmas shirts. I am reminded of the two Decembers we spent serving overseas in Guam and how I appreciated the song "I'll be home for Christmas". I am also reminded of the Christmas the kids and I were home but Brian was overseas getting ready for a war. I love to remember the kids excitement over putting up the tree or seeing Santa in the mall.

The tree I still have left to decorate is the tree full of homemade ornaments that the kids have made over the years or that people have given us. It's also one of my favorite parts of decorating for Christmas. I have held off on it because Koby has been gone all weekend to Atlanta with our youth group. They have been working at the Distribution Center for Operation Christmas Child. This is a ministry I believe in and that our family and church support. Koby was going for the first time to work at the center and he was so excited about it! I told him to send me a picture for the blog and here is what I got:

Now I'm not real sure what this is. He just said, "this place is like 200 yards long and there are lots of people".  So, there you go! That's about what I would expect from a 15 year old boy!!

However, he did send me another picture without me asking this morning. Along with the picture he said, "this church is huge!"

The church where they were this morning had Chris Tomlin leading music and Louie Giglio giving the message! Those are two very powerful people!! When I got out of church Koby text me this: "That was the most awesome church service I have ever been to mom!". I can't tell you how that made me feel to know he not only thought enough to text me that but that he enjoyed and was fed such a message that he would feel that way. God is good!!!

Well, our house might be ready for Christmas but we are anxious to hear about two things: 1) what bowl will our Aggies be playing in? and 2) will Johnny get the Heisman?  Maybe you are also distraught over those two questions as well! Just know we share in your anxiousness!

And finally, just to keep you updated on our newest family member I wanted to share this picture:

Rocky and Johnny are becoming friends at last!! And to tell the truth, the dog is growing on me, too. He really is a cute little thing!

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  1. Glad you were able to get decorated for Christmas - knew Koby would have a great time - now we know it's the Cotton Bowl, but have to wIt til Sunday to find out about Johnny - think they pulled the Johnny Angel video - Love Ya