Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Carousel of Life....

Well, I can't believe it's been so long since I have had the time to write! This is the time of year that keeps our family on the go. The carousel of life will spin faster one more week before finally slowing up for the Christmas break.

This past week we played basketball three nights and the kids were worn out by Friday night. (I'll admit I was too!) Kamdyn's team didn't get that win this week but finally things started clicking for her. She led her team in scoring and in one game she hit four three pointers in a row! We were happy for her and I had hoped that would ease the pain of not winning but her coach stopped to tell me that she talked with Kamdyn in the locker room after that to let her know she thought she played really well. Kamdyn's response to that was, "thanks but my team lost". I am praying for her competitive nature and that God will use it for His glory somehow. For now, she is learning a life lesson that you keep going even when it is sometimes not so fun!

The boys had a big week on the court as well. Koby is getting to see more playing time than Brian and I thought he might and he is thrilled for the time I can tell you! Brendan hurt his ankle Friday night in the fourth quarter of a close game, giving me minor heart pains in the bleachers. After the coaches brought him back to the bench Brian went down to check things out. Brendan wanted to be taped up to finish the game because we were down by 8. Thankfully, one of the coaches helped him to see playing on it hurt might not be for the best. We are anxious to see how quick he recovers from the ankle sprain. Like any good mother I did push him right out the door Saturday morning to take his ACT. I wasn't loosing that money and I reminded him he hurt his ankle not his brain or hand!!

The kids participated in the church musical this weekend and we also worked at our monthly Mission Project Saturday. Then, we spent Saturday afternoon getting ready for another big night for the Aggies...

Our house is still recovering from celebrating the Heisman win by Johnny Football! We had a house full of people when the announcement was made and I think they could hear us yelling all over the county! We proudly sported some Aggie gear at church this morning and will be doing so for school tomorrow. As I heard the commentators give the back story on each candidate I found myself thinking what great character was on display. In a world where many athletes seem to let their God-given abilities be used for things other than His glory, I was very impressed by the details of daily life for each guy at the ceremony. At the end of the night, I was truly proud to be an Aggie and part of the 12th man on the road this year!

I'm hoping to do a better job writing this week! I have a list of a few of my favorite things that I want to share and it will include some recipes. While we will find ourselves in the bleachers again for most of the week, we will also start attending those Christmas parties that I always look forward to. We start this Wednesday with the Youth and then Thursday with Brian's work. It is hard to believe Christmas is just a few weeks away!

Also, I can't finish out this post without wishing my mom a very happy birthday!! Hope you enjoyed it and I love you so much!

Talk with y'all later this week....

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  1. Thanks for the birthday wishes - hoping for a good week for the kids and go Johnny go!!!!!!!!!!,