Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas to You...

At our home, we have unwrapped Santa's gifts and had a big Christmas dinner. I have settled in to my comfy, stretchy clothes to enjoy a rainy Christmas afternoon and write out my Christmas greetings to each of you.

I remember the magic of Christmas as a child, sleeping in the bed with my sisters on Christmas Eve and waking up early and often to see what Santa brought for us. Sometimes I even helped Santa out, like the time I swapped up the Cabbage Patch dolls Santa had worked so hard to leave for each of us. Even the first Christmas Brian and I spent together my sisters and I all snuggled up in one bed on Christmas Eve. Today, I miss our childhood days and memories but at the same time I have been thankful to see our children establish their own.

This was a year of firsts for our family, breaking some traditions but keeping with others. I finally wrapped all the kids gifts, leaving only their stocking sitting out on the fireplace along with a few other small gifts. Here they are checking out all their gifts this morning...

I have said before that our kids love breakfast! Our Christmas breakfast is always pancakes and bacon...

The kids love chocolate chips pancakes and I prefer plain pancakes with blueberry syrup. Everyone loves bacon, even Rocky!!

After everyone was full on breakfast the boys decided to break out a new video game and play it. Kamdyn curled up in her chair with a blanket and new movie!

As we made our phone calls back home to family to say Merry Christmas, Brian started working on his Christmas project...a fried turkey!! This was to be his gift to all of us. He has been working on it since Sunday, soaking the turkey and marinating the turkey. Usually we have a ham for Christmas lunch, but we were all anticipating this fried turkey for lunch this year.

And let me tell you that Brian knew exactly what he was doing!!! He cooked us the absolute best turkey I have ever eaten. Kamdyn even "helped" him carve it at the table. To go along with Brian's turkey I made green bean bundles, mashed potatoes, macaroni and cheese, cream corn and hot yeast rolls. We also have made it a tradition to drink out of the good china glasses on Christmas Day. The kids love to do this!

Shortly after 1:00 we sat down and bowed our heads, thanking God for sending His Son for us and for the many blessings he continues to give us each and every day. Then we sat down for our Christmas meal with our family and those who are like family...

As the rain continues to fall the kids have all settled back in to play games or watch movies. Koby has now tried on and worn every new thing he got for Christmas, all the way down to the underwear in his stocking. That has been something Koby has done since he was a little boy. Kamdyn has spent the day in her Christmas pajamas, even wearing them to lunch! She and Johnny are wrapped up in a quilt she got last Christmas watching a Hallmark movie. Brendan has gone to meet his girlfriend's family and have Christmas dinner with them, something that makes me a little nervous but happy at the same time. Our other boys have gone on to enjoy Christmas with their families and we continue to have friends coming in and out of the house today.

On this day that is set aside to celebrate the birth of our Savior, I am grateful for the gifts He has given each one of us. His love, His grace and His Word are gifts we wake up to each and every day. While I find myself thinking on past Christmas memories I am also aware of future blessings God has in store for our family and for my extended family. So, Merry Christmas to each one of you reading today! I pray the peace of this special holiday fills you and that you will also open the gifts Christ has given you each day.


  1. We had pancakes and bacon for our own Christmas breakfast too! I also miss our Christmas eve sleep overs because it was time to spend with the big irks nd it felt so special. It sure is fun to watch your own kids enjoy Christmas, though!

    1. Should say, "big girls and it felt..."

  2. Good job Kristy! And the tradition continues with family arriving yesterday. Glad the turkey was good, was afraid you were going to say he burned it up! Enjoy the next two days as I go check on your cuz Bud during his surgery! What a good aunt I am, huh!! Beats sitting home with Uncle Ben and his back pain---thinking it is a little better today. Have a great time the rest of the week.

  3. do love our christmas memories. i have to admit it has taken a while to get used to the changes that time brings. but you are right, it is so fun to see your own kids celebrate and start new traditions with them. love ya!