Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Basketball, basketball..

Some of you may think I have sworn off of blogging but things around here have revved back up to their usual warp-speed pace. We have played lots of basketball in the last week, some good and some not so much! Brian is finally back on his feet after being sick and has gone back to work and the dog's are readjusting to life at home all day with us gone. They are probably happier about that than I am!

The kids are wrapping up their district games and getting ready for the play offs. Kamdyn's team has still been a bit questionable for the district tournament, but it seems as though they are going to get their big chance after all. The learning experience that this season has been for her has probably not been an answered prayer, but I think in the end it will make her stronger. Here are a few pictures of her from the games...

I always tell her that she is our #1 ball player!

This is what playing with her brothers has taught her to do! No fear!! 

The boys are wrapping up their season as well. They still have one more final district game and then they will be getting ready for the playoffs. Their team is struggling a bit going down the home stretch, which makes for entertaining converstaion here at home. To see both of them on the court together makes me laugh because I know that one is always telling the other what to do and where to be! (you can guess which is which!!)

It is so hard tobelieve the season is almost over! We live for basketball season around here and now we are picking it up on TV with college ball. This week we will be getting to see the Aggie girls in town against the Lady Bulldogs and then the Aggie boys will play over this way next week!!

So that's what we are up to over here in our little neck of the woods. I hope things are going good wherever you are. I plan to do better keeping the posts more regular now that we getting back into our routine. Talk with you soon...

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