Friday, January 11, 2013

Victory is Sweet!

I have shared with ya'll how hard Kamdyn's basketball season has been, not because she doesn't love her teammates or her coaches but because her team just has not won a game. That competitive nature she has in her can't get passed the "learning experience" of a loosing season. Well, since the season has started back up this week, her team has won TWO games!

I know!! You are as excited as we are!!

They won last night in double overtime thanks to a great deal of hustle and determination. Tonight they won their second game, beating a team that beat them by 10 points earlier in the season. Here is some of her team after their game tonight...

I know sports is about more than winning, but I also know winning is sometimes the spark for a team to have the determination and confidence to keep playing.

Brian is definitely beating his illness, thank goodness!! He is pretty much back to his normal self and should be back to work on Monday. We are thankful he is back on his feet and the dogs will be in for a long day Monday without him here to curl up with.

In all of the craziness this week I have not been able to post a few pictures of our Fighting Texas Aggie win at the Cotton Bowl. Brian sent this picture after they got to their seats...

These two have been to lots of games over the years but I think this was one of the most fun for them!!

And here is what I sent to Brian of us at home before the game started...

As you can tell the boys were Aggied out!!

And because I know if the boys read this and I fail to mention their basketball team I will never hear the end of it I also want to tell you they have been winning too. They have had a couple of close games this week but came out with wins both times! Here are a few pictures of them from my new camera...

This is Brendan driving it in the lane
And Koby putting up a three!
 That's a wrap of how our week ended following that rough start. We are looking forward to the weekend!!

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  1. super proud of kamdyn! we share that competitive nature :) maybe this will put a new spark in them. and of course proud of the boys. glad brian is back to feeling well...not much worse than a sick husband. lol. have a great week!