Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy 2013!


I hope each of you have welcomed in 2013 in grand fashion. We had a house full last night and lots of fun with friends, food and fireworks!

As kids were coming and going, I was thankful that everyone made it to midnight with no loss of body part or eye sight! Just looking at this group you can only imagine that just maybe fireworks got a little crazy. Thankfully we had an extra set of eyes to help keep everyone in line!

Kamdyn was the first one to light a sparkler!
We finally convinced Ellie that she didn't have to duck for cover with each loud boom or sparkle! She even shot her own Roman Candle after we made sure she pointed it high in the air.

And Kamdyn and Grace stayed clear of the boys and their "firework show", keeping with their sparklers and staying safe!

We all made it see New York welcome the new year and after that one by one we drifted off to dreams of 2013. It is hard to know what a new year will bring us. After all, 2012 gave our family lots of surprises sprinkled over 12 months of life. This new day of a new year causes most people to stop and think about life, about changes that need to be made or new plans that need to be chosen.

In Sunday School this past Sunday, I talked with the girls about having a verse for the year. I encouraged them to pray about a verse they could memorize and hold on to as they faced the ups and downs of life through 2013. There were ten verses on my list as a starter group of verses but I really encouraged them to spend some time in prayer and in reading their Bible to find the one the Holy Spirit would lead them to.

I thought today I might share some of those verses here with all of you and encourage you to join us as we find a verse for 2013.

Philippians 2:3-5 Live in 2013 with JOY (Jesus, Others then Yourself)
James 3:6  Speak wisely in 2013
James 4:14  Live for Christ each day of 2013
Psalms 73:26  God is with you every day of 2013
Jeremiah 29:13  Be committed to God in 2013
Joshua 1:9  Be bold for God in 2013
2 Timothy 3:16,17  Be in the Word in 2013
Hebrews 4:16  Make prayer a priority in 2013
Matthew 22:37-39 Live a Cross Centered Life in 2013

This list contains my verse for 2013. I will be claiming Jeremiah 29:13 as my verse for this year. Some of these verses above have been verses I have had in the past and some of these verses above are verses I have memorized and use on a daily basis. But I encouraged the girls most of all to remember that Jesus used scripture when fighting off temptation and that we can do the very same thing!

I've been so pleased to see some of the girls already sharing their verse on Social Media! If you have a verse, share it here in the comment section as a way to encourage others.

I am off to finish our "Do Nothing Day" by watching another movie with my family. It has rained here since the new year came calling and we have enjoyed our rainy day by watching football and movies and eating pretty much whatever junk food or left overs that could be found in the kitchen. Happy New Year to you all!!

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