Sunday, January 27, 2013

Life and Such...

As I mentioned in my last post, life has picked back up to its breakneck pace around here. Wasn't I just relishing in the days of Christmas break, with no make up and elastic waist sweat pants every day? (Some of you know the excitement of that combination! Don't judge me!!)

Anyways, Brian and I took Kamdyn and a friend to an Aggie girls game Thursday night and it was fun for alot of reasons! First of all, who knew girls basketball was such a cheap form of entertainment? Kamdyn and her friend got in free and someone gave us an extra ticket for Brian so our admission to the game cost us exactly $5 which was the price of my ticket. Not bad at all!!

It was also fun because we sat right behind the team and got to be up close to the girls and the coaching staff. It was exciting to see Coach Blair in his championship ring!!! And finally, the Aggie girls won so you can't ask for more fun than that!

Thursday was also a big day for Brendan, and one of those days for me as a mom that made me reach down for the brake pedal on life. He and his classmates got their class rings delivered at school. I vividly recall the day I got my class ring and how proud I was to display my loyalty to Brownsboro High School. That ring sits in my jewelry box now beside Brian's, but when I look at it I am reminded of the innocence of high school and the friends that I shared that time of my life with. Sometimes I am also reminded that the price of gold is sky high right now, but nostalgia always wins out!

I was lucky enough to be in the classroom when Brendan got his ring and he was so proud. I took this picture of him and his girlfriend after they put their rings on...

Unfortunately he picked my bad habit of biting his nails, but other than that this is a picture that made me realize life is blowing by at full speed. As he continues to talk about what college to go to and what career path to take, I keep looking for that brake pedal knowing that I have to be prepared to let him go the way God intended. There is so much I want to cram into the next 18 months of his life.

I am reminded that God gave our children to us for a brief time so that we could train them up to follow where He leads.

Let me take a moment to dry my eyes....

On another note, our boys have had a rough go on the basketball court the last two weeks. This is a long season and this time of year it gets down to the do or die time for district seeding and tournament play. So after a really bad game Friday night, Brian and I decided on a Saturday morning surprise for the boys!

I have told you before how our kids, well to be honest our family, loves food and Saturday morning breakfast is one of the favorite meals! The kids especially love homemade donuts.

Please, don't be too impressed. I use can biscuits for goodness sake! But, Brian does make a to-die-for icing that goes over the donut and these donuts can just make anything better.

The boys were so thankful for the breakfast surprise and let's just say these 30 donuts didn't last long! Kamdyn spent the night with a friend and missed out so we will try to repeat this meal sometime in the near future!

A few weeks ago, our preacher gave a message about choosing joy. It was a great sermon and the text came from James, one of my favorite books of the Bible. I soaked it in and spent some time studying my notes the days after.

I had no idea that I would need those verses and that sermon the very next week as the Air Force surprised Brian and I with some news we were not expecting. God always amazes me with His timing, working all things for my good. I want to encourage you this week to choose joy, no matter what life is throwing your way. Looking at life through the filter of joy has made a difference for me and I trust that it will for you as well.

More basketball is in store for us this week as we come to the end of January! My hope is to post in a more dependable and regular fashion once I am out of the bleachers. Hope your week is a good one....


  1. already praying daily for brian and yall during his leave. love ya!

  2. Kelly - can of plain biscuits - use something small to get the center out - fry in pan - sprinkle with powdered sugar or make a glaze (sorry Kristy - I couldn't resist - receipe Kelly?? Duh)

  3. "Innocense of high school"? Kris, please, I got just 3wordsabout you and high school.....you, Hallee, shanda... Ok?

  4. And kj2, it ain't leave honey,,, he is going to defend our honor on deployment.... Leave=vacation...smh

  5. Alright, Mother! I meant the recipe for the glaze! I've made biscuit donuts lots of times....well when Adam doesn't fuss about frying up biscuits! Lol

  6. And Kasey...what is with us getting the 3rd degree from mom and dad on Kristy's blog?! Lol