Thursday, January 17, 2013

Snow Day 2013...

Today has been an unexpected surprise! Our family is home from school and work today enjoying a snow day and there is just something about that unexpected day off along with the snow that makes for a fun day!

When you don't live in the area of our country that consistently experiences snow then you scramble to find appropriate snow clothes! For the boys it is usually pretty simple - they just put on their coveralls. Kamdyn layered up and the whole crew headed outside after a big warm breakfast.

She was ready and waiting on the boys to come on out!
Brian and the boys started up a snowball fight pretty much right away!
And the kids wasted no time in building a snowman! Truth be told Kamdyn did most of the work and Koby came in at the end to help get him all fixed up. They kept working even as the snow kept falling!
This was their finished product!
The dogs enjoyed playing in the snow today as well. Johnny spent lots of time running around and playing, chasing the kids as they ran throwing snowballs. After a while, he finally wore out and was ready to come in and dry off just like the kids.
This morning I was up early waiting to see if school would be totally canceled or if we would just go in late. I went ahead and read through my morning devotion while watching the snow fall out the window. This morning my book pointed me to Psalm 118 where I read the verse "this is the day the Lord has made; let us rejoice and be glad in it." I guess because today was no ordinary day that verse really resonated with me! I have read it and seen it a thousand times in my life but today, it just pricked my heart.
I wish I was more mindful of this verse every day. God makes each day special and sometimes I get so distracted in the busyness of the day and the on-the-go life we live that I forget to just stop and thank the Lord for the day He has made! Maybe you do that, too. This morning I decided that I would be more mindful of thanking God for each day and for the special way he created each day.
What if we treated every day with the excitement of a snow day? What if we as Christians were so excited about what the Lord gives us each day just like we were excited about the snow he sent our way today?
So, as I spend the afternoon wiping up melted snow on my floors and making "snowcream" for Koby and hot chocolate for the others I'll be thinking of this challenge from our snow day of 2013. I'm praying that the Holy Spirit will keep this conviction fresh on my heart. And if you have time today, stop and remember that no matter how your day is going or what circumstances you will face today, THIS is the day our Lord has made! Happy snow day 2013~


  1. Looks like a fun day - snow days are always fun and messy - having fun with Gracie and Carrie.

  2. a little jealous about the snow day. i spent tuesday and wednesday morning waiting to see if we were having a late start...no luck :( but thankful we didn't have to use our bad weather days...i will need those in the spring! love ya!