Friday, March 29, 2013

Catching Up...

You know the saying, "same song, different verse"? That's me!! My same song is that I had every intention of writing more this week and I truly mean that! But here is the different verse:

  • We wrapped up Spiritual Emphasis Week at school and here a few pictures of the kids and their friends:

 Brendan and Ellie dressed for Tacky Day! Brendan wore Brian's Hawaiian shirt and fishing hat!!
 Koby (on the left) is leading his class in a rap of Proverbs 3:5. He wasn't so much rapping out the song or beat but he was the closer of the rap by giving the scripture reference. The kids will forever remember, "trust in the Lord...."
 Kamdyn's class was not all there for this picture on tacky day and they really didn't go all out with the tackiness. She is in the back in the blue shirt and was not very tacky herself.

  •  Kamdyn played her first home softball game this week! They had a big win last week and then a big loss on the road Tuesday (but I skipped that game to go hear Condaleeza Rice speak!). She has really improved her hitting this season so far and has been happy about that!

Here she is ready to take a swing!
And she will hate that I posted this picture but I think it so good of her running back towards the dug out after a change of possession (or whatever you call it in softball when the teams trade off who is up to bat)
  • We finally found Kamdyn an Easter dress! I know to some of you that would not seem to be big news, but for me it is HUGE!!!!! In case you haven't taken a teen age girl shopping lately let me tell you the style is short, backless and typically see through. She has tried on lots of dresses and thankfully we found one today that she and I both loved. But no worries for Koby who has already got his Easter look ready!
  • I came across this post by one of my favorite Bible teachers on her blog and wanted to share it here just in case it speaks to anyone besides me. This is one of my favorite Bible verses and she does a great job just writing this from her heart. Read it if you have time!

  • Koby shared this song with me from You Tube and I wanted to share it here with ya'll. I know this music might not appeal to everyone, but just try to think about the words and how they reflect our relationship with God. The song is from the Passion 2013 event with Louie Giglio.

So, that's all I have for now with the usual same old promise that I'll be sharing more later. I pray each of you are celebrating the victory we have in Jesus as you walk through this weekend! Indeed there is power in the blood....


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  1. Pops had or has a shirt like Brendan is wearing - love seeing the kids in action - think they had a great week.