Sunday, March 31, 2013

We serve a risen Savior...

After we got in from church this afternoon we let the dogs outside. It's been raining here off and on for two days so I expected their paws to be muddy when they came in. However, as Kamdyn opened the door I heard her yell, "Mama!!" in a tone that means certain chaos is about to break out. I know that tone she uses well, trust me! So as any good mother would do, I stopped what I was doing to see what she needed. As I got to the back door I realized Rocky, who by the way is known in our family as Brian's dog, had not just walked through mud but taken some sort of bath in the mud. Normally Kamdyn would take care of this problem but of all things she had just painted her fingernails and didn't want to mess them up. So, happy Easter to me in the form of a muddy dog!

I wrapped him up and took him into the bathroom, where I dropped him in a not so gentle way in the tub, fussing at him as if he knew exactly what I was saying. But as I sat there pouring the water over him I watched the mud fall off and be washed away. And honest to goodness in that moment I thought this is what Jesus does for me. I roll in the muddy selfish desires of this earthly body and I am messy and yucky but every time He wraps me up in the love that only He can give and washes me clean by the blood of the Lamb. He is gentle and patient, never fussing or condemning me to life in the dog house forever.

I dried Rocky off, making sure he was all clean, and then sent him on his way. I know he will find the mud again and we will have to scold him and wash him clean. But what a lesson I learned from him today and isn't that just how God works sometimes? In the unexpected and routine everyday parts of our life...

Today I am more thankful than ever that death has no victory over me because I serve a Savior that is ALIVE! The Lord of my life picks me up each time I fall and bathes me in mercy and grace every day. Praise the Lord!!


I wanted to include a couple of pictures from our day. This Easter our kids didn't match and Brian and I both pulled out some vintage clothing from our closet. But nobody fussed about taking pictures and I think that's because I had decided this would be a no-stress Easter.

Each of them chose their own outfit, which totally fits their personality!

And of the thirty something pictures I took, I feel like I need to share a few more with you....

This makes it easier for our family in Texas to see how tall the boys are growing. And, in Kamdyn's defense I have on some wedge shoes or else she and I would be about the same height.

And because I have shamed one dog today already, I have to include this picture of Kamdyn and her dog. It really is the best picture of the day!

So, Happy Easter to you all!! I hope each of you enjoy the day, celebrating the fact that we serve a risen Savior...


  1. Well I didn't hear God's message as quickly as you apparently because I had to clean up Gracie's potty accident, then Pugs' worse potty accident, and then Carrie's spit up after I had just put her pj's on....guess God said I'd have to read it here to get it! Thanks, sis! And the pics are great. Kam and Johnny's is the best...sorry boys!

  2. these are really great pics! i am loving brendan's hair, koby looks smashing, and kam is rocking the boots! our easter was a very busy one, but so happy there's a reason to celebrate. up from the grave He arose!

  3. Love all the pictures and especially the one of all three in your header - think there outfits represent each of them. Love Ya!

  4. Sorry boys, Kam wins the cutest, love the dress!!