Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Trying Something New...

One of the reasons I have not written much lately has been because I have been having computer troubles. So today my sweet husband surprised me with a new lap top! And when I say surprised I mean surprised. I had NO idea!! Brian is a good practical joker and so sometimes it is hard for me to tell if something is real or not. I wasn't exactly sure if I would find a new lap top in the box or a picture of a new lap top.

Anyways, after supper tonight I have done nothing but sit on the couch and try to figure this new thing out. I am so amazed how different this system is than what I had on my other computer. Technology changes so quickly!! Not that I am Mrs. Technology, but I do know a thing or two about the computer . Need I say more than Windows 8? Which by the way is a far cry from whatever Windows 1-7 that I must have been using on my old computer. Apparently the people at Microsoft must just sit around and think of ways to confuse those of us who are creatures of habit. Basically, I figured out how to get on the internet and gave up on anything else.

And can I also tell you that our first day back at school was very eventful! As if the Monday after Spring Break wasn't enough on its own we spent an hour or so of the afternoon in the hallways as severe weather moved through our area. On top of that, we lost power. Welcome back to school! In addition to the excitement severe weather brings to students of all ages we are also having a late revival of the flu and achievement testing this week. Yes, I know you are envious of the good times we are having!

I wanted to post two pictures from our trip to Birmingham. We stayed at the Ross Bridge Resort again and the kids loved it! They were disappointed the water outside was too cold to swim but hello...it is mid-March so I am not sure what they were thinking! They did enjoy soaking in the hot tub after a long day (by which I mean a few hours) of shopping.

All of the kids were in need of some warmer weather clothing and Koby certainly took advantage of a shopping trip! He was quick to pick out an outfit and then change into it to get his Spring Break look on.

Here is out by the pool area at the hotel in his new "beach clothes". Since Koby was little he always loved to put on new clothes and at almost 16 that fascination is still there. He definitely was pulling off this summer look!

The other kids were not sure the weather was warm enough for shorts and a tshirt and here is a picture of them with Brian out on the balcony.

 I am amazed at how quickly they are growing! Koby is catching up with Brian and Brendan but it is hard to tell from this picture.

And speaking of trying new things... I sent the boys to get hair cuts after school today. This is one of the perks I have enjoyed about Brendan driving - he can do little things like this that make my life easier! After they got hair cuts they went by to see Brian at work and he later text me to see if I knew Brendan was getting his hair cut off? Well, no I didn't know that and again wondered if this would be one of those hilarious jokes on mom. However, Brendan did in fact get his hair cut shorter than it has been in almost four years!

Hello forehead! He told us later this evening he thought he better start getting used to shorter hair since he plans to be in the Air Force!! While I hadn't realized that decision had been made with 100% certainty I guess I understand the logic behind his decision and that pretty much describes the kind of person he is. He typically thinks things through before taking any kind of action! I am thankful God created him this way and am curious to ask the Creator why Koby is such the opposite extreme!!!

So around our house we are trying some new things this week. Thankfully the worst of weather went around us and we are adjusting to being back in school. Kamdyn's softball game did get rained out so she has her first game of the season this Thursday and the forecast is for lots of sunshine!!

I hope you are all having a great week!!


  1. Brendan looks great...I love his new style! And I am still loving Kam's painting. She definitely did not get that from us!