Monday, March 4, 2013

DNOW 2013 - in the books...

I had every intention of posting Sunday afternoon but for some strange reason I don't do well with 11 hours of sleep in two days. I think it's something about aging but I am not sure!

Brian and I hosted 7 girls and a college leader this past weekend for DNOW (Disciple Now) at our church. We had a over 90 kids participate in all and we kicked it off Friday night...

I can't tell you how awesome it was to witness the way God moved in the lives of our youth through the weekend! The kids love staying up late, eating lots of junk food and playing crazy games but that is what draws them in. The purpose of the weekend is to disciple our kids now to impact the Kingdom of God forever.

I am so thankful for the group we hosted! These are some really special girls to me and I love them lots and lots!!

I joke about the little sleep I got but I love talking with them and hearing the ways God is moving in their lives. Statistics show that today's youth who have at least 7 adults to invest in their life stay faithful to the church and to their faith once they graduate. I remember the people who impacted me in a positive way while I was in the youth and I am forever grateful that they took the time to love me, encourage me and especially pray for me!

Here are a few more pictures from our weekend -

This is Brendan and Ellie with some friends of theirs as DNOW was kicking off Friday night.

The kids all bring a 2 liter drink and a snack with them to their host home and my girls loaded up on the oreos! We even had a package of the all new controversial mega stuff oreos. Our boys were glad to see a few still in the package when they got home Sunday afternoon.

Sunday morning I needed TWO cups of coffee to make it!! So, this was my coffee of choice for my Keurig. I love this stuff!!!!!

This is a video of Kamdyn playing in a game Friday night. First of all, let me say I would never have done something like this and I always admired people who could. The game this night was to see who could eat a cupcake with no hands. And as a bonus, our youth pastor sprinkled the top of the cupcake with some Louisiana Hot Sauce! Kamdyn didn't win but she did come in close.
And finally, the theme for the weekend was "Abandon". The kids heard messages centered on abandoning the things that are weighing them down and they were encouraged to remember you can't have the things of this world and God. You must choose what to abandon! This is the wall the kids wrote all over during the weekend. I loved seeing what they wrote and it's powerful to me to see names of kids I know and love so much signed on to the wall....
The weekend was such a blessing to me and my simple words here can't begin to show how I was impacted. I've rested up and counting down the days until Spring Break!! I still have laundry to catch up on and floors to mop so I'll be busy around here a little longer! Hope you are soaking up God's sunshine wherever you are!!!!


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