Sunday, March 17, 2013

Coming and Going....

As I write this post, I realize that the timer will soon sound to end our Spring Break. By timer I mean the alarm clock! Our family has completely enjoyed the last ten days of staying up late and sleeping in. A huge thanks to whoever had the authority to coincide Spring Break with the time change because that couldn't have been more perfect!

We have enjoyed beautiful Spring Break weather most of this past week. I know I shared the picture of me and my flip flops and let me say my toes have been very thankful for the sunshine! As I cleaned out my closet this past week I was so happy to be putting the open toed shoes back within reach. I love the season of spring and watching the way God makes everything new!

We have been doing some home improvement projects over the last week. Brian and I decided to paint our bedroom over Spring Break so we started that on Monday. I was a bit apprehensive about doing this because our past track record of painting or putting things together or any other major project has not always been good. I just think people should be warned that these projects can and most likely will lead to some kind of argument or hurt feelings or a combination of the two. However, I am proud to say we sailed through this project of painting our room with ease - at least after we finally chose the color!

This led to other home improvement projects over the week and we honestly made a great team of taping, painting, brushing and rolling!! I'm so thankful we got to spend that time together!

The kids stayed busy through the week as well! Koby got in some time driving....

...and Kamdyn did her own painting project...

Let me say I am good to use a roller and paint a wall or use a paint brush to paint some baseboards but Kamdyn has a far better talent with paint!! She totally free handed this for our room and the picture here just doesn't do it justice. It is safe to say this talent did not come from her mother!!!

I also spent some time reading over Spring Break and I have been so excited about this book!!

My sister was so thoughtful and got me an autographed copy of "Sparkly Green Earrings" while she was at the .MOM conference a few weeks ago! I am forever thankful because I am a faithful follower of Melanie's blog. She is such an amazing writer and she is also an Aggie and Texan and lover of Mexican food so basically she and I could be best friends! Anyways, it's an easy and funny read about motherhood and you'll be very entertained if you pick up this book.

We also have eaten lots of food over Spring Break. I must confess I abandoned my diet (without every really intending to) by kicking off Spring Break with lunch at Mi Toro, our local Mexican food restaurant, the day we got out of school. From that point on, I think I forgot the fact that summer is fast approaching and more importantly so is swim suit season. Anyways, here is some of what we have been eating...

Brian loves crawfish!! I don't love them but I do love a shrimp po'boy at the place we go here in town to eat crawfish!! While we were in Birmingham, we ate at the Cajun Steamer, a local hole in the wall place that Brian and I found back in December. It is amazing!!! I enjoyed some shrimp fettuccine and a big slice of garlic bread (after we had fried pickles and crawfish - not together- for an appetizer). After our family stuffed our faces on seafood, we visited Edgar's Bakery, where we each picked out some cupcakes because if I'm going to splurge I am going all out!! Saturday night we grilled steaks and Koby likes to season up his own steak. I took a picture of all his seasonings and sent it on to daddy because he also shares a love for steak with Koby. Brian cooked them perfectly along with some cream cheese stuffed jalapenos wrapped in bacon, which is another new favorite of ours. (Sorry, I didn't take a picture of those but they really were amazing!)

I have also accepted that basically I am starting over and the 7 pounds I had lost I have now found. I have stocked up on salad for this week and am prepared to stay off the scales for a little bit longer!

So, this is just a sample of what we have been up to over here in our little neck of the woods. Spring Break was a great time to take a break from all the coming and going that our family seems to be constantly doing. I was so thankful for time at home, time with family and time with no set schedule!

Things will pick up this week with Kamdyn and softball. She has three games (but I did see rain in the forecast which is a bonus for the outdoor sports!). I have no doubt 5:30 a.m. Monday morning will be coming sooner than I'd like and we will be going back to work and school. I hope to be doing more blogging this week about our trip to Birmingham and some other things that have been going on around here so check back when you can! Have a great week!!


  1. Sounds like a great week - know you enjoyed it! Now, it's back to a routine for a couple more months.

  2. Wish we had been there to share it all with you!