Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Spring Break 2013

I have no idea if anyone will read this! I realize I'm not the most faithful blogger and that I post with no rhyme or reason in timing. We finished up school last Thursday at noon and officially started spring break!! Praise. The. Lord!!

I had every intention of posting Thursday or Friday but then life happened. Some of you know what I mean!

The tires on the van needed to be fixed Friday morning at 8:00. Kamdyn had therapy and Johnny needed to be at the groomers. Oh and he also had to be picked up! Kamdyn had a friend over who had to be taken home and I had to make a quick trip the grocery store. This was my first day of spring break!

However my day was brightened by the sunshine....literally! I was so thankful for the warm weather God blessed us with and so this is how spring break started and I'll be updating the blog ASAP with all of the things we've been busy with!

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  1. I read it - Kelly and I said something about a short blog and dad jumped all over us - said at least you blogged and we didn't - go dad!