Monday, October 8, 2012

Aggie Love and Fall Break...

I am writing this post in the slap dab middle of our Fall Break basically because I know all of you are curious as to what is going on in our world!! Well, maybe that isn't exactly why but I was eager to fill you in on what we have been up to.

I posted a picture of Brendan and Brian heading off to the ATM vs. Ole Miss football game in the previous post. WOW is all I have to say about the game! If you missed it, you missed a great college football game. A big WHOOP to the Ags for winning another SEC game and for making their way into the Top 25! But, as exciting as all of this is, Brian and Brendan were most excited about meeting some of the team after the game....

And of course where there are pictures there is a good story!!! Apparently Brendan has become twitter friends with one of the Aggie running backs. (and can I say who knew that could happen!!)

So following the big win Brendan tweeted about the game and the guy immediately tweeted him back inviting him to meet at the bus where the team was loading up. Brian and Brendan headed to the bus and had the opportunity to meet several of the players and their families and it made the trip to Oxford even more special to them. I am thankful these young men above took the time to meet their fans and take pictures! On Saturday night our team showed the true spirit of Aggieland by persevering until the end and then taking the time to meet the faithful fans. Gig'em Aggies!!!!!

I also mentioned the cooler weather we were enjoying in my previous post and it has been wonderful! After church last night our family gathered in the backyard for one of our favorite things:

 A fire and Smores!!! Our kids love to do this and the weather was perfect to enjoy the fire! As usual, we had more than just our three here and so there was a big dent made in the smores. Brian came in from the backyard this morning telling me he found evidence of a marshmallow war and that he had texted Koby to see who won. Yes, our house is a barrel of fun!
I also wanted to share a soup recipe with ya'll. Brian loves this soup! It isn't his very favorite but it is up in the top 3 I think. It is super easy to make! Here are the ingredients:

You need 2 cans of chicken broth, 1 can of cream of chicken, 1 can of rotel, 1 can of chicken, 1 package of taco seasoning and 1 pound of Velveeta. Let me stop here and say I realize Velveeta has skyrocketed in price but it is worth it for this soup!! Anyways, just pour all the cans in your big cooking pot and add the taco seasoning. When the mixture comes to a boil, add in the Velveeta in chunks. After the Velveeta melts, it is ready to eat. See, I told you it was EASY!!
Brian likes to eat his soup over Fritos with some sour cream. I like to eat mine over Multigrain Tostito Scoops with some sour cream. I also think it would be good if you wanted to add some corn or even some beans to it. Also, we usually add another can of chicken. One is just not enough for us!
Well, the drier has stopped and the mop is calling my name so this is all I have time to share right now. I haven't told the kids yet but tomorrow we will be heading out to the Pumpkin Patch, one of my favorite fall things to do! I'll be posting about it...don't worry.


  1. Hope you got done with that laundry and mop - as usual, loved your post and might have to try me some of that soup!

  2. love that soup recipe - i told john we will be having soup sundays once this cold weather really does move in to stay. so cool for brendan and brian - i love that those boys took time out to meet their fans - means alot. yay for the pumpkin patch. we unloaded 960 pumpkins at our church yesterday for our pumpkin patch. can't wait to take the kids to some pics taken there. enjoy your one more day off :)