Sunday, October 14, 2012

Learning to be the Light...

We have enjoyed a busy but fun weekend! Thankfully we had a home game Friday night and although our team did not come out on top Brian and I enjoyed visiting with friends and watching the game. After a short work week thanks to Fall Break, I was ready for the weekend!! Something about having two days off makes the week seem that much longer.

We were thankful that we had all day Saturday to anticipate the Aggie game. Since kick off was at 8:00 p.m. we knew we would be able to get many of our normal Saturday activities done. Basically this means laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning and more laundry. Some of you can relate to these fun weekend necessities I am sure.

However, once a month our family volunteers at a ministry outreach project for our church in an area of town that many are not willing to serve. We have been doing this for almost two years now and I can not tell you the blessing it has been for our family. So, this weekend was our "Coleman Weekend".

It is very important to me that our children know how to give back to their community. The exposure they have gotten while working in this ministry has been invaluable to the way they see life and also to the way they understand that faith is more than church attendance or singing a few songs. I pray that they will learn to be the light to a lost world, to people who need to see the one true Light.  One of my favorite scriptures is Matthew 22:37-39, where Jesus says we are to love the Lord with all our heart, soul and mind and then to also love our neighbor. I can't think of anything I want my kids to know more than this!

An authentic faith is an active faith and I saw my parents live this out many times over growing up. If Brian and I can teach our children the same, I will think we have done something right as parents. I hope you will look within your own community to see how you might also be a light in a dark place. When we serve these kids once a month - hugging them, playing games with them, loving them - it nourishes my soul. You will find the same to be true for you!

I can't close this out without saying something about our Aggies!!! (You had to know it was coming!) I will confess to you that I didn't make it for the whole game, but Brian and Brendan were the ultimate Aggie fans. How I could have fallen asleep with the cheering and yelling going on in our living room I do not know. Here is a little bit of what was going on at our house before the game:

Brendan is trying to convert his girlfriend to maroon, although she comes from the purple and gold of LSU. Brian fried us up some really good hot wings and I made onion rings for our pregame meal!!! I hate that we could not have had you all over because it was some kind of good. Koby and Brian also did a pregame "saw - em - off" with Rocky and Rebel to bring luck to the team. It was a great Aggie family night! Thankfully, we came out with another win and we are moving up in the polls. Hopefully our coach is discussing the need for fewer penalties with the team this week because it will take everything we have this coming Saturday as we get ready to BTHO the LSU Tigers.

Hope your week is a good one!! We will be celebrating a special birthday this week with Kamdyn so I'll be posting about it for sure...

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  1. So proud of you and your family for serving - What a game for the Aggies - Gig'em