Monday, October 29, 2012

Road Trip and an Aggie Win...

Our family had been looking forward to the Texas ATM vs. Auburn game since the summer! So, we left Columbus early Saturday morning on a road trip to Auburn, AL so we could cheer on our Aggies and also spend some time with some good family friends.

Brian loves an early start to any road trip and this time we did not have a hard time getting the kids up and going. We also promised them they would be able to sleep most of the way down so essentially they were still going to get their 12 hours of sleep that they love on the weekend!

As you can tell, they took us up on that promise!

Our family is never without entertainment and as we got about 10 or 12 miles outside of Auburn we see two Aggies walking down I-85. Koby and I convince Brian maybe we should stop and offer them some help because after all, they are Aggies. So, we make our way back to them and Koby jumps out of the car only for us to hear him say,"Hey do ya'll need a ride to the game?".

Only Koby would have had the personality to do this! He brings them back to the van but come to find out there are five of them and let me assure you our van could not take on five more Aggies! They let us know they had called a tow truck and also had another friend on the way so we left them there. We never did see them at the game but through the message boards we were able to find out that they made it! And that is a complete story within our story from the weekend.

Onto Auburn we went! We were anxious to see our good friends who recently retired from the military and moved back home to Auburn. They were great hosts/tour guides as they took us all around the campus and town. Their family also showed great hospitality as we gathered at their Tailgate...


By the way, I have no idea if it is cold where you are but it is COLD here!! I was somewhat prepared for the game because we sat in a damp, cold game Friday night. It wasn't too bad in the afternoon but as the clouds came in the temperatures started to fall.

True to the sport they love, our boys found the Blue vs. Orange basketball game going on at Auburn so we all stopped by that to check out the Arena and enjoy some heat!

Basketball is not so popular at Auburn but they do have a new Arena and it was very impressive! With that kind of facility I am sure the basketball program is looking for some wins this year to build the program up.

And finally we headed into the stadium for the game! Now I love to be where I can see. You know, kind of up close to the action. That was not so much the case for this game. Also, can I tell you the higher up we went the colder it was and the more wind you felt!! And in case you are curious we were on the next to the last row in the upper deck...

This is Brian and I before the game and  then after we climbed up to our seats!

Please notice my boys with their camo hand warmers! We are nothing if we aren't country to our roots!! We sat with a great group of spirited Aggies and even as high up as we were we had a great view of Johnny Football running and throwing his way through the first half of the game!

I mentioned earlier that we went with some great friends! At the end of the first quarter he text Brian to come on down to their season ticket seats because so many Tiger fans were beginning to leave. We held out until halftime before we moved down to sit with them. I told Brian I kind of thought it was rude if we took over Auburn territory any sooner, but by halftime I didn't feel too bad because 1) I was getting really cold and their seats were going to put the wind at our back plus they were on the first deck and 2) their fans were literally flooding out of the stadium which honestly was kind of sad.

Overall, it was a great Aggie win and we were so excited to BTHO Auburn! The Auburn fan base were gracious people and very friendly to us and other Aggies around campus. We will look forward to going back to Auburn for future games.

Not only did we come home with a win but I also came home with some kind of cough and sinus stuff. This is not a good week for me to be slowed down by a sickness so ya'll will have to pray me through it! Our first basketball game is in just a few hours and our kids were so excited about that this morning!!! I'll be posting an update on those games for sure! Also, Brendan will be inducted into the National Honor Society this week and Brian will put on his stripe for promotion. And we are also counting down another big Aggie weekend as they head our way to play Mississippi State on Saturday.

Hope you are warm and well where you are and if you have loved ones or friends on the East Coast know I am praying for them and their safety through this storm!

Gig'em Aggies and get ready to BTHO Mississippi State!!!!!!


  1. I know it was a great game to watch, and the Aggies spirit was strong in the auburn atmosphere,,, glad y'all had fun,, good job koby,,,, maybe this Saturday will be warmer

  2. So glad y'all got to have this family event and the Aggies pulled out the big win - Hope y'all have another fun weekend at State and the Aggies deliver another win!!