Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Moving ahead...

Well things have been a bit crazy around here but honestly would you think anything else? When you have three teenagers, a dog, friends in and out, school teams and church functions things just might get a bit crazy!

Kamdyn has been battling a hurt left knee for about three weeks. It started not long after basketball got going and she was so brave initially. She would practice through the pain and then ice it when she got home. Basically she has lived on Motrin/Ibuprofen for the past few weeks and so the trainer thought since she had no improvement she should have an MRI. He wasn't sure if she tore her MCL or some other knee kind of words that I can't repeat here.

On Friday she had her MRI. I should tell you that was after she had spent Thursday night crying her eyes out that her season was ruined, she was not being a good team captain because she wasn't practicing and oh by the way her knee hurt SO BAD!! Can you say 14 years old girl drama? It's great!!!

Well, our prayers have been answered because there is no tear in any part of her knee and the doctor thought the best treatment plan for now was a shot in the knee. So yesterday, I took her to the doctor and she in fact got a shot in the knee after much protesting:

24 hours later she says she feels 100% better! She has to sit out this week from their first tournament, which caused additional stress and tears, but she will be good to go for their games starting next Monday!

Brendan went to College Night at our school earlier this week! Basically he went because he was going to get a free 100 in his English class if he signed in at every table and Brendan doesn't turn down anything that is free! He came home with lots of information from various colleges and he was talking ninety to nothing about where he could go and where he would not go and scholarships at each one. I pray that he follows the leading of the Holy Spirit into college and a career choice, but sometimes I also find myself telling the Holy Spirit what I have in mind for him. I'm learning to turn it over to God but I am still guilty of thinking mother knows best! That might not ever fully go away!!

Finally, tonight I found Koby doing something we don't see a whole lot of around here:

Yes this is Koby doing homework!! Physical Science homework to be exact. Now, I was willing to overlook the headphones in his ears because I was thrilled that he was doing this without me even saying, "Koby did you have homework?" It seems as though he has turned the proverbial corner and I can only tell you the praise goes to God. And, I am not finished praying him through yet!! Earlier in the school year Koby reminded me he was "a baller not a scholar", which is his way of saying all that matters is that little orange basketball not a science book or math book and for sure not a spelling book! I'm telling you, he keeps us going and I love him for it! But just maybe he is moving ahead into responsibility and independence or at least I can hope.

So, that's what we have been up to. We are moving ahead into basketball season as we play our final football game Friday night. Next week, we will play three basketball games in five days so I will be getting reacquainted with nachos and peanut M&Ms, my basketball season dinner.

Got to go, jack!! Duck Dynasty is getting started and I can't miss that!


  1. Great blog baby,,,I remember days like this,,, I miss them!

  2. Those three are great! Through tears, college, and homework...love 'em! And tell B he could have lots of free meals, etc. if he came to A&M! ;)