Sunday, October 21, 2012

Because I love friends, food and football....

This weekend, my heart was in Texas. My body was here in Mississippi, but my heart was at home. Let me tell you why...

Not only was it Homecoming at my old high school but my mom had tickets to see Laura Bush in Tyler. I can't tell you how highly I think of our previous first lady!! She was both classy and stylish, in an old-school Texas sort of way. She seems to love some of the same things I do, like books, dogs and home (by home I mean anything Texas). Anyways, I would have loved to hear her speak in person.

So, I missed all the Homecoming festivities and Laura Bush and yes, I also missed the opportunity to see Texas ATM BTHO LSU in person. (I understand that is alot of capital letters for my SEC friends so I can tell you in person what it all means sometime)

Since ESPN decided to really own my Saturday by putting our game at 11:00, I promised our kids we would have a big pregame breakfast. Let me tell you that sometimes I feel like we run a bed and breakfast around here but I wouldn't have it any other way. Like most other meals, I wasn't sure who would stop by to eat so I knew to cook more than enough. Koby put together our pregame menu: "Crisp hash browns, bacon, biscuits and southwestern eggs". Yes, he appreciates food!! I added gravy to that list and Brendan added fried eggs. Kamdyn had two friends spending the night and the only added request there was chocolate milk, "the kind already made" to be exact.

So, here are the boys enjoying their food. Brendan woke up just in time to eat and get his game day clothes on!! Koby had been up for a while to be sure I was cooking everything to his standards. He likes to be in the middle of the kitchen action! And, even Rocky was excited about our pregame breakfast:

He really is a cute little dog!! And, he loves bacon and any other table food someone might drop give to him. Following breakfast Kamdyn and her friends got all dressed and proudly gave Rocky the attention he was looking for:

Then it was time for kick off! Our beloved Aggies came out strong and went to work putting points up early in the game. I had such high hopes that they would be able to keep that momentum through out the game. Our family did our part, as Brendan made sure to be wearing his game day clothes all the way down to the winning socks and underwear that has brought the Aggies luck the last few times! He was not going to have the loss be on him.

We were devastated that the Aggies came up short in the end, unable to pull out a victory over an overrated LSU team. Our young quarterback, while talented, lacks some experience. I think sometimes the best learned lessons come through defeat and I feel like this might have been the case for him this week. 

Because nothing says fall like apple pie I made one after our game. It helped heal the devastation we were feeling from our loss!! Koby had his piece with a big scoop of vanilla ice cream and Kamdyn ate the apples but left the crust. I enjoyed my slice warm with a cup of coffee as the kids gathered outside around their fire pit. Fall, food, friends and football....what a weekend!


  1. Would have loved for you to be here, but sounded like a fun Saturday at your place and those days will pass in a hurry. Got to keep pulling for our Aggies and by the way - get Rocky off the table.

  2. Good post sister,, I had to listen to it on aggieland radio,, not fun but better than nothing,,,would love to have been there with y'all!! Love and miss y'all!

  3. forgot to mention that the bears did pull out a homecoming win! fun times. you would like one of the new football shirts around here made up by some of our coach's wives i think. on the back it says "faith, family, football". love it!

  4. Kam left the best part! And you had coffee with pie instead of ice cream? Y'all are crazy. Lol sounds like a great family day!